Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Saturday and She's Crafty

Remember my Craftin' New Years Resolution??? Well, it starts today! I am going to take some gorgeous (albeit very cheap, clearance at Joanns) jersey knit and make myself a new scarf. I may even do a tutorial if it turns out ok. I have a couple of great knitted scarfs, but I want a shorter one where the tail does not constantly fall in my coffee as I bend over. I only want a scarf to warm my neck, so I am not really sure why they make them 4 feet long!

Anyhow, here is some more crafting inspiration if you are so inclined:

Remember the scarf I made last year? Yeah, I already lost it!
I think Ariana would like to join in the crafting and make this easy jersey knit scarf.
To upcycle your old t-shirts.
Wait, this is an even cuter t-shirt upcycle project!
Such a simple idea to keep my 2-year-old from taking her mittens off!
I love, love this tea towel... but with the embroidery and applique stuff, I think it is beyond me. Feel free to make one for me if you are so inclined though.

Since it is about 5 below zero out there, I am off to crank the tunes and snuggle up to my sewing machine!


  1. I'm sewing tonight as well! Have fun and I can't wait for our craft night!

  2. thanks so much for the the scraf you made ( and lost) cannot wait to peeek at the new one