Monday, December 6, 2010

Seven fantastical gift ideas for your favotite blogger.

I thought I would try a few different themed gift lists this year... mostly pertaining to me, of course. And since I blog, and some might even call me a blogger, I shall provide a gift list that Michele, the blogger, would love.

#1 First off would have to be the iPad, of course. Not for any good reason other than it is sooo cool. I have learned to love downloading apps with my Droid, and for this reason I know I would love the functionality of the iPad. Absolutely frivolous, but the ultimate tech gift for the geek in your life.

#2 Next might be more specifically for the New England blogger. I have a new obsession with fingerless gloves. Even better, fingerless gloves long enough to be arm warmers. These pictured are my most favorite (especially since I am driving to buy Handmade this year.) These are actually more appropriate for me in my day job, which has me in an unheated office at 5 am with a space heater at my feet while my poor fingers freeze at the keyboard. Although I do know a New Englander or two residing in houses that are hundreds of years old with very poor insulation- so these would totally work for moms blogging at home in their drafty abodes. (*I prefer the the charcoal heather gray sized as small as possible to fit my bony arms, if you are wondering.)

#3 A magazine subscription relevant to their blog. We need to keep in the know, you know. (My mom has me covered with this one every year as she gets my Real Simple and Martha Stewart to help me keep abreast of the world of craftiness and living simply.)


A bottle opener that I can have handy. I know many bloggers blog about their wine, have twitter wine parties, blah, blah, blah... but I am just a beer girl. And, as many of my friends complain about, I drink the type that does not have a twist-off cap, therefore I always need a bottle opener, and what better way than to mix it with my other favorite hobby, photography? This is pretty much the cats meow as far as stocking stuffers for a Momma who likes to crack open a cold beer while she writes about being naked when the paramedics arrive.

SkinIts :
Any good blogger will have a lot of gadgets. I personally have my Nikon DSLR, a Canon point and shoot, my Flip HD, MacBook, a Droid, portable hard drives, etc., etc... and another ultra-cool but completely useless gift are skins that can make your gadgets prettier and personalized. You can add cool artwork or photos of your children. If you are not sure of your bloggers taste, they do offer gift cards, which is most likely your best bet if you are a man shopping for your lady. They start at $14.99 for the smaller skins, so it is a pretty reasonable gift.

#6 Blurb

Blurb is a cool site that will 'slurp' your blog into an actual book. It is a pretty cool idea since some of us that are tech geeks still like the look and feel of an actual printed, flippable, old school book. You can get gift cards here as well, which is a good bet since most bloggers are pretty territorial about their blog and how it looks and is laid out.

#7 Dunkin' Donuts Gift Cards
(or your local fave coffee shop) As any good blogger knows, we are constantly mainlining coffee. And since we don't make any money, we can not afford the luxury of coffee being made for us, so we might just have to stick with the Folgers in the 20 pound can from Sam's club. It is nice to get the occassional treat of driving through and having your hot cup of joe handed to you in a yummy seasonal flavor like gingerbread or pumpkin. I would suggest something as decadent as Starbucks, but even as a gift, it breaks my heart to hand over $4 for a coffee that costs 8¢ to make. But they make a damn good coffee.

Have I covered it all? Do you have any better ideas for me???


  1. Good, practical list. : )
    Love the fingerless gloves!!

  2. I so could have used some of those gloves last night.

    I like the fingerless ones that also have a flap to fold over your fingers to make them mittens.

  3. I've LOVED your Christmas posts! I live in Arizona, but part of my family lives in New Hampshire. We hope to move there someday so I enjoy your blog very much! I also appreciated the New England experiences gifts post...such wonderful ideas! :)