Monday, December 6, 2010

5 more eclectic gift ideas.

Ok, yesterday I did a gift list for bloggers. So today I have one for... cool chicks in their 30's who are sorta geeky and wicked fun! Basically, it's all random things that I have found while Christmas shopping that I would love... but since I only shop for children, grandparents, and middle-aged men, these items really do me no good except for wanton lust.

#1 This is pretty much the coolest gift idea I have ever come across... Not only do they offer the greatest old school t-shirts ever (which is a very green idea!) they offer a SUBSCRIPTION! You can get 13 t-shirts over the year for $80. That's only around $6 a shirt and how fun would it be to go to the mailbox every month to get a surprise, unique gift??? I am in love with this idea... truly... in all ways.

#2 A not-tacky team shirt for the Patriots lover in me... Leave it to Urban Outfitters to carry a Pats shirt that I would actually wear around the house on a Sunday. It just looks cozy and comfy, right?

#3 There is absolutely nothing I need on this site... but there is a whole lot that would look so dang cute in my house! Little kitschy things like this soap dish that just make a house a little homier.

#4 A ring with hope. This ring is simple... and sweet. And it has a purpose. My friend, Kelly suggested it because half of the proceeds go to lung cancer awareness and research. You know me, I love simple, and I love to support people that are supporting a good cause.

#5 A cute hat. I am constantly on the hunt for a cute hat as soon as autumn hits. This hat definitely fits the bill... would it look cute on me though... who knows? Hats are hard, I don't feel as though I ever pull them off. Maybe I'd have a chance with this one???

Pretty eclectic list here, huh?

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  1. Do they have Jets sweatshirts too? I probably shouldn't even admit that outloud after Monday's game, but I'm a glutton for punishment!