Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things: And so it begins.

*Please envision this conversation with Acadia's adorable 2-year-old dialect and enunciation.*

Acadia: "Mommy I want a snack."
Me: " You can't have a snack, sweetie, because you didn't eat your dinner."
Acadia: "But I didn't like it."
Me: "What??? You are 2. Your tastes buds don't even work yet. You don't know what you like."
Acadia: "Well, I know I didn't like THAT dinner."
Me: "Yeah, well you poop in your pants, so I don't necessarily trust your judgement."
Acadia: "I don't poop in my pants, Mommy. I poop in my diaper."
Me: "I really wish whoever took my adorable 2-year-old and replaced her with a snide pre-teenager wouldgive me my baby back."
Acadia: "Mommy! I am right here. It's me... Cady!

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  1. It's official, they are too smart for us! First this and now Natey with his elf on the shelf business. Man. Oh by the way I bought one of those elves at Michaels. I think they are so cute! I got the one sitting holding the airplane. :o)