Friday, December 10, 2010

Gift guide for the hair accessory obsessed.

Remember my hair catastrophy? Yeah, well, since then my hair accessory obsession has gone into overdrive so I can hide hideous bangs for the next few months. I have made my own frayed rosettes and added them to headbands, which I wear frequently. But, if I had oddles of expendable income, I would purchase a LOT of the cute accesories you can acquire from lots of other talented women.

Some of my faves:

#1 Check out these adorable hair pins from Bits and Barley. What a unique way to pin my stray bangs back!

#2 This vintage charcoal floral headband from Uff da Designs is a steal for only $13! And you know darn well that nobody else will be wearing it since it is a limited edition made from vintage fabrics.

#3 bdk Boutique offers some cute wool felt flower headbands that are a great price for $5 each. These are tiny headbands, so you can double them up for an added flair.

#4 I absolutely love these colors to dress up my drab winter wardrobe. Another great choice for those too-short bangs.

#5 Georgia Blue offers my most favorite shabby rosettes. She offers a gorgeous palette of colors that works well for adults.

Go. Shop Etsy. Buy lots of cool hair accessories!

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  1. Those are so cute! I just wish my hair would stay put in them. I have slipperiest hair ever!