Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Craftin' New Year's Resolution

My first resolution for 2011 is to start my holiday gift crafting early... like NOW. I wait every year until... oh... December 1 to start crafting all of the gifts I want to give for Christmas. Which, of course, leads to a stress filled December for me.

This year I thought I would resolve to craft at least one thing a month. But I thought better of it and cut back to 10 for the year. As I figured out this year, crafting in December while keeping up with my Etsy shop orders is nearly impossible. Therefore, I am not dedicating any crafting time in December and I am also leaving a little leeway in case I am having a super-exciting summer and can not possible fit in any crafting that month.

So, 1 year- 10 projects. I could totally use a little help from my crafty friends for this. You know, to get together with me for crafting nights every month. Come on, Kell with your new sewing machine. Liz, Kam, Carolyn??? You must want to get out of your house and hang with a cool Momma like me (Or invite me to yours!)

I have a few things in mind already. I will be concentrating mostly on sewing and woodcrafts. I simply cannot take up another hobby like knitting or crocheting at this point. Here are a few ideas:

This frame from Shanty2Chic looks like a great idea to add to my Etsy shop. And it seems so simple... I am thinking I would do away with the flowers and use a magnet instead of a clothespin for an even simpler project.

I'd like to make a nice tote: Although that is not really a gift... more for me.

And headbands... who can ever have enough headbands? Especially in house of 4 girls?Homemade by Jill has a great roundup of all kinds of headbands. There are some gorgeous and simple tutorials on there.

I love this idea from Trey and Lucy: Again, these are mostly for me. I need a towel that will stay put so that the kids (husband) can't just grab my dish towels to wipe spills up off the floor. These may force them to step two feet down and get a rag from under the sink!

And I downloaded a cool book on my Nook Color called One Yard Wonders, which has some great, simple tutorials like the pennant banner I want to make for Ariana's room, once she gets her own.

(Look, I took a picture of my Nook on my Android cell to email to my computer... it is some sort of technological black hole... and it all blows my mind.) But, more to come on my wonderful Nook at a later date...

Anyhow... Kell, Carolyn, Kam, Liz, Amanda... are you in? Who else wants to invite me over to craft?

Do you have any other great handmade gift/ craft ideas for me?


  1. You tech-nerd you! (I'm commenting from my iPhone.)
    I think a semi regular crafting evening would be fun! Maybe if I dedicate a few hours on crafting and set a few realistic project goals, I can even keep it up along with school... One can hope. I'll keep my eyes open for extra project ideas, and I can always fall back on some knitting. (BTW the knot now headbands turned out a-ok!)

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  3. Darn auto correct! That should read " knit bow headbands.". lol

  4. I'm so down to craft! My BIL and his girlfriend are moving out of my basement in-law apartment at the end of this month and I am already planning my crafting space down there. *sigh* I will have tons of room and I am stoked. i am so willing to come up there too and have a crafty evening or 5! lol

  5. I am all over the craft night!! I love the idea of making a gift a month - there are so many Christmas time crafts I just didn't get to this year (like the boys PJs and the advent calendar). I will come up your way...or go anywhere really that will welcome me, my fabric, and my machine :)

    I really love all your resolutions!! I need to put together some of my own - there are some things in my life I really need to change this year!! (like not ever visiting friend's blogs for weeks on end!!)