Monday, November 1, 2010

She's Crafty: Cake Pops... FAIL!

It unfolded over the past few weeks via social media. First, my friend, Tina, posted publicly, "I bet Michele tries this and posts something in her blog about it. It's definitely easy" with a link to Halloween cake balls from The Pioneer Woman. And then Isolde sent me another recipe from Epicurious for Monster Pops.

Now, I have seen many people blog about their cake balls or pops... but, unfortunately, the majority of us are not nearly as talented with a double boiler as the Pioneer Woman! I know that my friend, Kam, made cake balls for her sons birthday and was none too pleased with the required efforts.

But, not one to let a challenge pass by, I decided to try my hand at some pops with Ariana. Baking is one of the fun times we enjoy together (sometimes!) I simply used a boxed cake mix and a can of frosting as I did not want to put forth too much effort lest they turn out horribly (now that was a brilliant idea.) I decided on the skull pops and since I only had pink candy melts, we were going with the girly skull complete with bow...
And?... I will never make cake pops (or balls) again. Way too much effort and mess for the outcome. The were overly sweet. I mean you are taking a perfectly good cake, adding an abundance of frosting and THEN covering that in candy melts! Too, too sweet for our taste. I would much rather have a nice pan of brownies or pumpkin whoopie pies with cream cheese filling.

She's Crafty... FAIL!


  1. They are so much work! I have made them 3 times now, once just balls, once suns and once the skulls for Nate's party. I have no freakin idea how Bakerella gets the candy melts so damn smooth!! They seems to be a big hit with people and others are super impressed with them, which is why I continue to torture myself.

  2. I am so glad I am not alone in my hatred for cake balls!! I can't stand the things. I tried making them once, didn't even get anything blogable!! (not even good enough for a fail post!!!). They were too sweet, and took WAY too much time. I'd rather eat a cupcake!! (doesn't help that I am not at all a frosting fan to begin with so something full of frosting is just not my thing!!)

  3. I am SO glad I'm not alone in feeling this way! I made the hello kitty pops for my girls (mostly my then 7year old) and it took a LOT of effort, remelting, and not to mention the edible pens I used were a joke. I was so into making these for her and telling my family. In the end, they didn't taste very good and it was like we were eating them because they were cute and there. I am never making them again. I like when Bakerella puts out more alternative recipes(there are always cake pop recipes, are they what put her on the map or something?).

  4. At least they look cute. lol

  5. FAIL? I think they look fantastic! They're much better than my first try at cake pops.

  6. I think they turned out great! I've never made pops, but I did make red velvet cake balls once ( They were *almost* good enough to make again. :)