Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Salt and Light Studio: A photographer extraordinaire.

Ever since I made my new header with my family photos, I have gotten many compliments and questions about the photographer. I really need to figure out how to credit her somewhere on the blog... but until then, I thought I would tell you about her.

Her name is Lisa and she is the heart and soul behind Salt and Light Studio in Ottawa, Canada. "You had your family photos done in Canada?" everyone inevitably asks. Well, no. But we did travel to Rhode Island to catch her doing some photo shoots there. Why did we go all the way down there? Have you seen our photos???? Simply put... AMAZING.
In our conversations before hand, I recognized that she was not your stereotypical, cheesy portrait photographer. She has the gift to capture the personality in my family. One of my favorite photos is this one: See that little girl in the middle? Yeah, well, that is Annika's true self through and through. I love it.

She also has some fantastic post processing skills that allows her to create art like this:
She even caught a couple of Colby and myself that I didn't mind... which is saying a lot... because who in their right mind likes pictures of themselves?

Oh, AND BONUS... see the hair accessories that the girls are wearing and the necklace I am wearing:
Lisa makes those too! Talk about creativity on steroids! She is amazing. Her Etsy shop, Bubbalou Bands has some adorable stuff (*hint* just in time for Christmas) and if you fan her Salt and Light Studio Facebook fanpage, you could win $75 in Bubbalou Bands!

Anyhow, thanks so much for the many compliments on our photographs, they are pretty damn awesome. I am hearing rumors of a New England reunion in the summer of 2011, so there will surely be more to come...

Just to be clear, Salt and Light Studio and Bubbalou Bands did not sponsor this post (I wish!) Also, I did crop Lisas photos in this post to make them fit better to my blog... I know she hates that but hopefully she forgives me in this instance.


  1. Michele!

    Wowzers! I can't believe you wrote a whole post about little 'ol me! ;)

    So sweet of you and I totally appreciate the love!

    Yes, indeed, there is a plan developing for another trip to RI in early July 2011, it would be AWESOME if we could do another shoot! This time without the crazy old guy, promise. ;)


    P.S. And yes, I forgive you for the image crop, it was for a good cause after all!

  2. Well, I'm glad you loved your photos. Even though I wasn't the one taking them, I felt vested in each shoot! It was fun even with the whole crazy Joe ordeal! I can't wait for July!

  3. Love Lisa's work. And the necklace you're wearing is so sweet. Oh why do I have to live on the darn west coast???