Thursday, November 4, 2010

A hair disaster.

My hair disaster is new and the wound is still raw. I try not to whine too much on my blog because, really, who the hell wants to hear me whine? But when I was browsing through my Google Reader and saw that Mama Kat had a writing prompt this week titled, "Hair disaster" I couldn't resist. (I typically do not follow any writing prompts because I feel like it is homework... an assignment, and then I get all anxious and feel like I have to turn it in on time!)

A few weeks back, I was asked if I wanted to model in a hair show. When I quit working full time, one of the luxuries I gave up was going to the salon. Now, I can only go if I get a gift certificate on my birthday or Mother's Day. Well, it has been a long time since March and May, so I could certainly use the $100 gift certificate I would be compensated with for modeling. A couple of hours of my time? Get away from 3 kids? Interact with other adults? Sounds fine to me. I'll do it.

I have never been one to tie my identity to my hair. I have never cried over a hair cut because I am very pragmatic in the thought that hair will always grow back. So, I told the salon, "Do with it what you want."

(Insert long rant here similar to my issue with tattoo artist and their inability to plan, schedule, adhere to any sort of previously discussed agenda...)

The stylist decided to cut very blunt bangs on me (which was completely different from any previous discussions.) I agreed, although I do not do well with bangs. I am like 90% of moms and I pull my hair back 90% of the time. Piggy tails are my 'style' of choice on most days.

But, like I said, I knew they'd grow out and I was fine with that. She then started to curl it... a lot... with a flat iron. (I am so hair tool ignorant, I though a flat iron flattened your hair... who knew?) And she curled... and curled...

I looked at it for one split second before I vowed to not look in the mirror again before I got home? Why? Well, I was scared sh!tless already to be walking down a catwalk... in high heels... in front off 200+ people... can you imagine if I hated my hair while I was trying to do that? No way. I was just going to imagine it was some sort of avant garde, gorgeous hair and not this:

And thank God I did not look in the mirror... because the cut was not me!

I like my hair soft, natural. Simple. Easy.

And if you are curious? Stepping on that catwalk with 220 people watching and clapping and squealing was possibly the most terrifying thing I have EVER done! But, I vowed that if I did not fall or pee myself, it would be a success... and, thankfully, it was.

And now? I will take my gift certificate and go and get myself a cute bob to try to offset the bangs a little while they grow. Until then, thank God for bobby pins... which held the bangs back before I even left the salon that night!

(Professional photos courtesy of Test of Time Photography.)

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  1. For what it's worth, they look cute on you even if you hate them!

  2. Disaster?? No look great either way!

  3. I think you look adorable! With that said, though, I totally get where you're coming from. I don't do bangs just because they're too high maintenance for me. Of course, I have curly hair, so that's a whole different ball game. :)

  4. I don't hate it, but you're right- it's not you. Not in the least bit.

    But if I didn't know that was you, I'd say "models are so lucky because they look pretty and interesting no matter what people do to their hair. I wish I could pull that off for a day"

    and you did.

  5. Call me hair tool ignorant as well because I can't even imagine curling hair with a flat iron. I use mine to straighten.

    I recently got bangs. I find I braid them back most days. I look down at work quite a bit and they just get in the way!