Friday, November 5, 2010

Cabot Creamery of Vermont Serious Snacking Review and Giveaway

I do not like reviews and giveaways. They are so boring. And, yes, I say this repeatedly. Which is what lead a local company to contact me. A lady from Cabot Creamery Cooperative (cooperative means they are actually owned by many farms throughout New England and NY, which I love!) in Vermont sent me a couple of emails and she was so stinking cute and sweet in her challenge for me to review their new products, that I could not resist. I do love to support local companies that work for their community. Remember my love of Stonyfield Farm???) And since our family already truly loves their butter, cheese and sour cream, I felt like I could review the new product in good conscience.

The new product is a line of reduced-fat cheese snack packs for grown-ups called Serious Snacking.

They are separate pieces of reduced fat cheese prepackaged into low calorie servings. We tried the 50% Reduced Fat White Cheddar Bar and 50% Reduced Fat Garlic & Herb Bar. They were actually a hit for myself, my husband and the kids. (The 2 bags we got did not last very long here with the grazers in the house!)

They both tasted great. The texture was slightly different from full fat cheese. You know when you typically eat a piece of cheddar, you get that grease on your fingers? This cheese does not have that, which I liked. I do not think anybody but me noticed that though.

The only drawback for me is the individual packaging (which is really the purpose behind the product!) In trying to live more sustainably and reduce waste, I can not justify the extra plastic. I do, however, recognize that many people still use these kind of quick and easy lunch snacks, so these will work great for them. I will absolutely stick with the reduced fat full sized cheeses that they offer... the Garlic and Herb was really delicious.

If you are planning a wine tasting party this holiday season, check out their nifty wine/cheese pairing guide. Or, more importantly (for me), the beer/cheese pairing guide. Seriously, a good beer AND a yummy cheese? Does it get any better? And the low fat cheese will totally make up for all that fattening beer... right???

Also, they have some fantastic recipes on their site (Horseradish Cheddar Mashed Potatoes!!!)

Oh yeah, they did want me to give something away... so you are going to get a gift box of the regular cheeses and a cutting board (a $35 value, perfect for the upcoming holiday entertaining, I might add).

To enter? Leave a comment here telling me your favorite way you use cheese by November 12. (If you include a link to a recipe, I would love you, since we all know I love to try new foods.)


* I received 2 bags of Seriously Snacking cheese and $9 in coupons for this post. So, if you think I was not honest in this review just to get $15 in cheese products... one of us is pretty lame.


  1. Ooh, looks yummy. One of my all time favorite ways to eat cheese is freshly grated. I buy the bricks and shred them over tacos, etc. My husband always goes for the pre-packaged shredded cheese -- GROSS! Why do that when freshly grated cheese is so.....FRESH (for lack of a better word) and YUMMY! Appreciate the giveaway op.

  2. I love cheese with apples in any combination. My favorite use in the past couple of months has been my Honey Whole Wheat Apple n' Cheddar muffins

    But I also love cheese to bring out the different flavors of a dish. Feta with acorn squash to create a salty and sweet combination, or parmesan over a kale and sausage penne to bring out a bit of a nutty flavor.

  3. I really respect your honesty in this review, because I'm trying very hard to produce less waste too, so I never buy snack-wrapped items. I do, however, love snacking on cheese, and I think pretty much everything tastes better with some cheese added in! :)

  4. My kids are always snacking on cheese. I have tried the Cabot snack sized cheeses but am always leery of reduced fat cheese. If it doesn't taste any different I will give it a try. One of my favorite cheese related recipes is stuffed shells. I will be posting it on my blog soon, so I don't have a link just yet. I'll let you know when I do!

  5. We're so glad you liked the samples :) Thanks again for your support and for linking to our recipes!