Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sunday Citar: Down Home Girl

"Even though you're wearin' those
Up-town high heels
I can tell from your giant step
You been walkin' through the cotton fields

Oh! You're so down home girl."

I spent a full day yesterday in a tattoo parlor... this is one part of what was forever emblazoned on my arm. (More on the complete tattoo at a later date.)

This song has a lot of meaning to me on many different levels. And, if I am permanently scarring my skin with it, you know the varied meanings are very important to me.

It is a song originally by the Rolling Stones (LONG before I was even born!) but made popular to me by my most favorite band, Old Crow Medicine Show. It is significant to me as a reminder that I will always be a down home girl... and that home is Maine to me. I am from many of the most 'quaint' parts of Maine and no matter how far I travel, how many skyscrapers I climb, how many pair of designer jeans I buy...

I will always be, in my heart and soul, a Down Home Girl.

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