Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stonyfield Farm stepping up to the plate yet again...

I have raved about Stonyfield before... and I am ready to do so yet again.

I know I am slightly biased because they are local and contribute a lot to our community (they have helped build the local parks that my kids adore, sponsor summer parks programs here, etc...) but I really do love this company. They just seem to get better and better with each advancement they make as a company.

I saw a link on Facebook today that, as of October 2010, all of their multipack cups are now 93% made from a plant-based plastic. Previously the multipack cups were made from polystyrene PS #6, so this is a major move away from traditional petroleum-based plastic. I am so excited! I did not even know this type of packaging was available, let alone ready to go on the market. They are made from variety of sugar sources including beets, sugar cane, and tapioca. The only downside I see at this point is that the packaging is not yet recyclable or compostable. But, these packages still reduce the overall environmental impact.

Stonyfield also started recently selling their Yobaby product in 4 packs (rather than the 6 packs they previously marketed.) The price per cup stayed the same , it just offers more choice, more flexibility, and more affordability while you are shopping for your organic food needs.

And a few more random thoughts related to Stonyfield:

• As I have mentioned, Food, Inc. (with an interview with Stoneyfield CEO, Gary Hirshberg) is a must-see documentary.

• Consider visiting Preserve Products, which produces some great toothbrushes, dishes, measuring cups and so much more from that pesky #5 that typically can not be recycled. I have 2 dishes from them and I absolutely love them. If you are lucky to have a Whole Foods or Co-op nearby, you can even take your #5 there and leave them to be recycled!

• I adore Stonyfields website for great yogurt recipes. (Although my favorite recipe with yogurt is still my sweet potato panini.)

• And if you were kind enough to make it all the way through this lengthy post, I have 4 coupons to offer you for a FREE 4 pack of the Yobaby! Just leave a comment here and I will draw a random name on Sunday, the 17th at noon. (Keep in mind that Stonyfield also offers great coupons from their website.)


  1. I actually watched Food, Inc. last week. Very interesting....made me grossed out when I ate my chicken that night, though! lol

  2. Working at Stonyfield was the second job I ever had, and by far one of my favorites. They are a real progressive company, great to work for, and pretty much the all around model business

  3. I was so happy when they switched to the 4 packs of yo-baby! They also came out with 3 more flavors that combine fruit and veggies (apple with sweet potato & peach with squash). There is another one too (pear & green beans), but my store doesn't carry it. I don't buy everything organic, but milk and most other dairy products I am adamant about.

  4. I never knew all of that about SFF. It sounds like they are ahead of the game.

  5. I love Stonyfield Farms!! I buy their vanilla yogurt in the big tubs because my boys eat it so fast!! And I LOVED the YoBaby products for the boys when they were smaller!!

  6. Hello! Nice to meet another local like-minded mama <3 We are down in Manchester. I love your blog! (And we love Stonyfield too~it's one of the kiddos favorite places to stop)

    Kara of the Manchester Maynard Mob