Monday, October 25, 2010

She's Crafty: Camera Strap Cover

I have recently started using my camera strap on my Nikon DSLR as I am realizing I cannot juggle 3 kids, a bag, a snack bag, a phone, etc.... AND a bulky camera. So I finally attached my strap, and was very excited to see how well it worked, but it was kind of tacky with the bright yellow Nikon logo on it... so I decided to make a strap cover. I was going to do a cool tutorial, until I looked online and found dozens of them already. I followed a tutorial from Make It Do which was the only one I found that used fusible batting to pad the strap. I wanted the padding, but I have to use the fusible type with my limited sewing skills. I grabbed the fusible batting and 1/4 yard of fabric from Joann for under $5 (side note: I did not realize until just about now that I could buy fabric in increments under 1 yard! This makes it way cheaper for small projects and I am wasting way less material!):

And following the tutorial, I ended up with this:
Not bad, huh? Even close up, it looks as though I really meant to make it. With the double seam and the padding, it appears quite... finished.
So, I am very excited about my less-than-$5 camera strap. (And I have enough padding left over for at least 2 more!!!)

If you want an even simpler tutorial, (with no padding), Design Sponge has one with just 3 seams!
If you are slightly more adept with the sewing machine, this patchwork strap cover from Fabric Family Fun is sooo cute!

Simply Modern Mom
has a more advanced one that includes a lens cap pocket:

And if you simply do not have the time, energy or sewing machine, I have seen them for as low as $17 shipped from Etsy. My last Etsy search found over 800 different camera strap covers!

Start thinking about those Christmas gifts now... these can be inexpensive to make (or buy) and the recipient would adore them.


  1. Nice! It turned out great. And thank you for all the tutorial options. I should have added camera strap to my 101, but I guess I'll just have to squeeze it in in my spare time, lol!

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