Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random Roundup: Cable TV, Cancer and MySneezee

Ok, time for a random roundup, which I have not done in months... but is quite necessary to clear my brain...

• I have been superbusy with my photo blocks recently. I am constantly brain storming and trying to be all innovative and cool and stuff. Today I made some fun tattoo themed blocks... 'cause... well... I am all into tattoos at the moment, k? What do ya think????

• Speaking of blocks, I have 2 wonderful, selfless friends doing the Cancer Walk here in Concord on Sunday. In hope to support them each as much as possible, 100% of my proceeds of any sales from now until Saturday 10pm will be split between them. So, if you have been considering placing an order, please do so now.

• The cable man came today... and took my cable box! Gasp! We got cable in the spring because Colby literally whined every single day that he could not watch Red Sox games... and you know what? He did not watch one single game! Instead, I got three children completely entranced by a lighted rectangle, constantly yelling, "I want dat! I want dat!" at any commercial that was pink with pretty music. Jesus, it could have been a tampon commercial and they would have 'wanted' it. If you have ever had children and no cable and then you get cable... you would be shocked at how the switch flips instantly. My friend, Carolyn got rid of her television all together this summer, and it is funny to see her children come into my house with the tv on... their jaws drop, they freeze at the front door and they gaze upon the wonderful box o' entertainment contained on the wall. Television truly holds some mysterious power over children. Well, now my kids can go to other peoples houses and get their fix. (And by kids, I do mean my husband.)

• I realized that I have zero time recently to take photos (other than of my children). Both of my are pretty much neglected. I find photography to be my meditation... my alone activity that lets me breathe, be creative, be simply happy. And, as I look at our New England colors, I am missing it deeply. I need to carve out the time... soon.

• My friend, Tina, called me out on Facebook when she saw Pioneer Woman's Halloween cake balls. She said that I would be trying them and blogging about it... well, now I can't let her down right? I did do a hack version last year by using donut holes... but I have been avoiding the real cake balls until now... especially since Ariana informed me that she is having another pumpkin carving party this year!

• Seriously? MySneezee? And I thought the Thudguard was out of control. Now, you want to market socks that you cut the foot out of to me for $14.95? Now, I am all for selling my some funky arm warmers and telling me my girl will look stylish and cool while keeping warm under t-shirts... however... please do not tell me I need some other inane, useless protection for my child that generations before her seemed to live without. And lived quite comfortably, at that, without baby helmits and Sneezees!

• Check out Stonyfield's progress on the plastic container front.

I think I cleared a bit of space in my head for now...

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