Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Citar: A New Beginning

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

This week marks a new beginning for me. With the Harvest Moon upon us, a new season, a fresh cool season, I am ready for clean slate. I finished my Simplify and Purge project and now have a clean slate in my home.

I have set some simple goals for myself and I am committed to reaching these goals.

• I am using journal pages from Grace is Overrated to set my daily goals for each aspect of my life. I am keeping them simple and achievable, while also tracking that days activities (dance class, soccer, piano lessons, etc.) so that I do not overwhelm myself with too many goals on a day filled with other activities.

• With the help of the Well Grounded Life, I am going to go through a nutritional cleansing process and start to cut back on some fats, coffee and excessive alcohol.

• With the help of Fly Lady, I am gaining control of organizing and cleaning my house. With my purging complete, this has become much easier.

• With the help of my Wii Fit, I am getting back into a regular exercise routine. With the fantastic weather this summer, I spent a lot of time lying on the beach instead of working out. (But I am not complaining about that AT ALL!)

• With the help of Once A Month Mom, I am simplifying our daily routine by cooking ahead and freezing meals. Lat night, my wonderful friend, Kelly, came over and we made shepherds pie, meatloaf muffins, chicken pot pie and chicken rollups. My freezer is now stocked for the week. I also made a batch of chicken salad and boiled eggs for lunches. I can not tell you what a relief it is to have our dinners and lunches under control for the whole week already!

I am really looking forward to autumn and the opportunity to live. life. simply. To afford my self more me time, more destressed time with the girls, more time to breathe.

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  1. I know you'll succeed on your goals!
    I use to love to cook but through time have become inharmonious with my stove (LOL). I do donate one day a week to cook everything instead of being in front of the stove every day.
    It works for me.

  2. I really admire how you are trying to be the best version of yourself. Your blog is one of my favorites. Thanks!

  3. wow i love that quote...i am going to have to put that one on my inspiration board :) thanks for sharing!