Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Operation Simplify & Purge Day 6

Today I tackled many areas: playroom, junk drawers, kitchen utensil drawer and shed (!). My friend, Isolde, commented on one of my posts about how her husband would get rid of a spatula because they "didn't need two." Which brought me to think of my kitchen utensils... I have TWO drawers and a countertop canister! That is insane. So, I went through the drawers, narrowed them to one. Basically I just got rid of completely useless things (a bread warmer that I have never once used.)

I also attacked the playroom. That was basically cleaning out the trash, we have used it really as a dumping ground. I then took everything out of our kitchen junk drawer, put it in a basket and either put the item in its own home, donated or tossed. I then moved the 'junk drawer' to a smaller drawer so that we could only re-add so much stuff to it again.

The last area was the shed. Oh my! A big bonus was giving our toddler bed to my sister-in-law as we are done with it. This freed up great space to be able to see everything in the shed and PURGE! We have stuff in there that we moved here with 5 years ago and have not touched since. I was able to pull everything from books to boxes to a huge mess of wires and cables that we never use (or have no idea what they go to) I took this stuff and threw it at the end of the driveway with a "Free" sign. It was gone within the day.

Colby came home today and said, "I am getting a little concerned about all the stuff you are getting rid of." But, even with all of the stuff I have purged, I have not touched one item of his yet... YET! I have not needed to, we have so much other junk taking up space that he is safe for now.

Today's total: 123
Total purge: 447

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  1. Good for you! I've been going through my house like a tornado too! Nothing is safe around here! I'm on a mission to live more simply with less clutter and just...well, less. Half of it isn't necessary in the first place. I would love to toss the tv but I don't think my hubby would approve. :)

  2. I've gotta post about my ultimate purge. I stopped counting items, but we had a yard sale last Sun and I made 200 bucks! I left 2 boxes of free stuff on the curb and took the rest to goodwill! It feels great!