Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mommy's Last Baby

My first 2 baby girls pretty much potty trained themselves. Removing their diaper and climbing on the toilet before we even introduced a potty seat into the house. Ariana started that at 1 year and 10 months... Annika before she was 2 as well.

Acadia turned 2 in August. And Colby remarked, "Soooo, are you gonna start working Acadia towards the potty?"

"No!" Those diapers are pretty much my last baby-last. I mean, who really likes dealing with human excrement? But the whole experience we share every time I change her diaper I do enjoy. I get a few minutes of chatter with her: "Mommy, you so nice. Mommy, dat my diaper? Mommy, dat my tinky butt. Mommy, look at my knee. Mommy, you so soft." She amuses herself endlessly with her new found words as I go about my business. And then I take a break and blow tickle kisses on her soft belly, or tickle her little thighs... and she giggles. Or I lean in and kiss her silky hair and cherub cheeks and button nose. And then, when the diaper is back on, I scoop her up and give her one big cuddle as I inhale that fresh baby scent of a clean diaper and powdery wipes.

So, no, I am in no need to rush her onto the potty. She, however, has a different idea. Unfortunately we still have a potty left over from Annika. It has kicked around our house for the past 3 years since it doubles as a stool, you might find it by the zip line or in front of the pantry. We also have the Dora potty seat still hanging out in the downstairs bath.

And I think someone in the house is trying to sabotage me, because this week I keep finding Acadia on the potties! I walked in to the downstairs bath the other day and she was sitting on the big toilet, with no potty seat, peeing! I watched in awe as she climbed down off the toilet, wiped and flushed. She then looked up at me, "I pee Mommy."

"Yes, I know. And that will be enough of that young lady!."

Later in the day I heard her sneak upstairs to the master bath. As I went to check on her, she was just dumping her potty into the toilet. "Mommy, I pee."

"Listen to me. There will be no big girl undies, no stickers, no candy treats! You need to stop with this whole potty thing immediately. I still have 3 cases of diapers and you are going to use them, damn it."

What part of staying my little baby don't you understand? You are not taking away my last last until you are at least 8!

*DISCLAIMER* My husband swears that nobody can read the sarcasm or humor in my blog. So either he thinks my writing is that bad, or that my readership is that moronic... either way someone should be insulted here. But, regardless, please know that I do not try to dissuade Acadia from using the potty... all the time.


  1. Please have your girls come to my house. For real!

    Nat takes her diaper off and loves to play on the potty, but hasn't once actually used the thing.

    So, yeah, PS, we would totally take those diapers off your hands.

    PPS Totally see the sarcasm:)

  2. Love your disclaimer! lol

  3. Maybe it's him that doesn't get it! I see it. :o)

    I will be happy to be done with diapers, even if she is my last baby. I don't enjoy changing time right now because it consists of wrestling a 23 pound wiggle worm and then giving her a tube of Desitin to keep her still, which ends up all over me or in her mouth. Give her a toy you say? Nope! Tried that!!

  4. Well you and my 2.5 yo baby are on the same page! She started almost training herself and was doing great until we started introducing undies and taking it a little more serious. She just started refusing, and even one time said, "I wanna still be your Mommy," which I think was supposed to mean the reverse. It is hard when the littlest one suddenly isn't so little at all. :)

  5. I really like your blog and i respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

  6. Dear Colb...the sarcasm is obvious. Your wife is funny, get used to it.

    Dear Acadia...can you please come over to my house and teach my 16yr old son how to pee in the potty and not on the floor? And then teach him how to flush, too? Much appreciated.

  7. I think you are by far way funnier than Colb, he is just jealous.