Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Citar: Happy Birthday Baby

“We've had bad luck with children; they've all grown up”
-Christopher Morley

I love babies... especially mine... which is why I had three before my husband stopped me. And this baby is my last. Every milestone makes my heart ache because she is supposed to stay my little angel... yet she still learned to walk... and talk... and laugh... and tattle on her sisters... I can't seem to stop it. And yesterday, she turned 2. I really can't call her a baby any longer, although I will. She will always be my baby. I will continue to cuddle and snuggle her, nestle in that soft baby neck, run my fingers through her silky baby hair, kiss those pudgy baby toes, tell her incessantly how much I love her just to here her utter, "I la loo" back to me.

Happy birthday baby Acadia Skye.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Acadia! It is so bittersweet to watch them grow up...

  2. Such a gorgeous picture!! Happy Birthday Acadia!!

  3. awww what Precious picture!
    Happy Birthday Acadia!
    Have a Fabulous Sunday!

  4. Her name is SO gorgeous. Just lovely. And the picture? Breathtakingly beautiful! I am sorry she keeps growing up! I know what you mean. My ten year old is growing so quickly. I can't really take it. Last year when he started fourth grade I just about had a nervous breakdown. I mean, these moments are just so fleeting. Here is to wishing she will stay little as long as possible : ) And for goodness sakes, try to persuade your husband to let you have just one more : ) I know I am! : )

  5. Aww, happy birthday! I find myself doing that with Arielle. With Nate I couldn't wait for milestones, but with her, I cry a little inside each time she moves on to something new!