Sunday, August 29, 2010

Operation Simplify & Purge: Day 4

No, I did not fall off the purging bandwagon... but the weather here in New England had been insanely gorgeous, which means simply throwing the laptop to the wayside and heading to the mountain for a hike or to the lake for some rays.

Without further ado... day 4...

... it was a mini clothes purge (no, the clothes are not mini- the purge was!) As I said, the weather here is literally in the 80's... unusual for late summer in NH, which pushes back my normal autumnal clothes switcheroo of summer to fall. But I did do a quick pick through to find 53 items that were ill fitting, stained or... oh... simply hideous. Throw in a couple of pair of shoes, a couple baby blankets and Boppy (*sniffle* *sniffle*- slow, painful elimination of baby paraphenalia from this house) and I had a quick 53 items ready to go out the front door.

Again, easy peasy. Also, since I have started, I have not been bringing anything new into the house (Well, ok, I could not pass up a couple of pair of cute jeans that C and Kelly both were purging from their own homes... I know they are out to sabotage me!)

Today's total: 53
Total purge: 323

I think I am on the way to 500!

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. ~William Morris

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