Friday, August 20, 2010

Operation Simplify & Purge: Day 1

I came across a New York Times article the other day, via a friend, on living simply... extremely simply. As in living with just 100 personal items! In my journey to live simply, I am still far from that end, but the article did make me realize that I have stalled on my simplification journey over this summer.

And so I start anew... Although I can not yet whittle my belongings down to 100, I thought maybe I could cut 100 items from my possession. I started yesterday. In my venture to either eliminate Earth unfriendly items from my health and beauty regime, I have ended up with a lot of extra, unused bottle of... stuff. So, I headed to my bathrooms and weeded through the cupboards and closets. Within 5 minutes, I had 22 items to dispose of...
I had items that were either far from acceptable in the Cosmetics Database for safety, outdated (like chest rub from 2003!) or I just don't need/use. Wow, 5 minutes and 22 items eliminated from my life. How easy is that? 22 items less to have to search through, dust, rearrange, etc. It felt so good to throw them in the trash/ recycle them. (There was nothing that I was able to donate in this stuff- but in future purges, I will be headed straight to Goodwill.)

So, with the 22 items in 5 minutes, I figured I have to up my goal- I will be purging 200 items in the next 7 days.

Next up: the kitchen and pantry area. Anyone care to join me on this journey?


  1. I'm in I will start in my bathroom this afternoon.

  2. Nice!! I think I need to go through my bathroom again!! Feels great to purge so much doesn't it?! We got rid of tons of clothes and unneeded baby stuff this weekend - I am so glad to be that little bit lighter!!

  3. I am so in!!!! I have so much crap in my bathroom!! Here I go...

  4. This post was just the reminder I needed to get *on* this!

    I just purged the toy chest and bins of "miscellaneous" toys. :)
    Next up:my closet and dresser, and then the kitchen cabinets. Man, it feels good to clear space in our home!

  5. I will hop on board with this! My bathroom is screaming to be purged! I bet I can purge 50 items just from there! I'll do it tonight and then post!

  6. I just did this over the weekend, and it felt great! I don't know why I get so attached to products that I'll never use.

  7. I did a purge a couple years ago, and it was the most amazing thing I ever did for myself. I think it's time again, and I will be starting in my linen closet this afternoon. I hoard old topsheets, I'm convinced they make great beach and picnic blankets. BUT, I have about 10.

  8. This sounds like a great idea. I love getting rid of things. We're going to be bringing 6 bags of kids clothes to a consignment shop soon.

  9. I realize I am a little late with my comment. But I have to say that my husband is the KING of Purge-ah. If it hasn't been used, touched or seen in the past 6-12's out. My realization of my husbands' insanely clutter-free lifestyle is the day when I came home with a new spatula, because I couldn't use our current spatula for my new teflon pan. When I needed my metal spatula for the stainless steel...I realized that it was gone. My dear, sweet husband had purged it because he noticed we had 2 spatulas and that was too much clutter in the drawer.
    ME: "Honey? Where's our beach towels?"
    HIM: "Oh...I got rid of them, because he never used them".
    ME: " was WINTER!"