Thursday, August 19, 2010

I might have to flash Yo Gabba Gabba

When I first moved to NH from Maine, I was only 20 and I did not know a soul. My first real friend was... let's call him Bob. We quickly became the best of friends... going to concerts, museums, shopping, eating out all the time, bar hopping... fantastic times for my early 20's.

And then a couple of years later, I met Colby and we started dating. I told him right up front that Bob and I were the very best of friends and that he could not be jealous or we wouldn't work out. He assured me that he was not at all jealous... "since he is gay, Michele."

"No he's not."

"Yes... he IS."


"Michele... you guys go shopping... to shows... to gay bars with drag shows..."

"Yeah! He's awesome!"

"Yes... he is... and gay."

Long story short, Bob took me out to dinner not long after and came out of the closet to me. Soon after he met the love of his life. Unfortunate geographic circumstances and life in general had us lose touch for a while.

Thanks to the modern marvel we call Facebook, we have come back in touch. Bob has been blessed to adopt 2 gorgeous daughters that I am very excited to meet. As we have planned to meet up for a playdate with all of our girls, he asked me if I'd like to go to a Yo Gabba Gabba live performance coming up here in NH.

As years without cable will do to you, I am completely out of touch with any crazy animated children's television drivel. So, I did what any red blooded American would and I YouTubed it. What the hell is this???

I responded back to him that I would go... but I would not like it one bit, and furthermore, it was 100% confirmed... he WAS gay.

As the visions of meeting up with my former fun times cohort to watch insipid singing-dancing-furry-Rock-Mun-Plex-Foofa-Toodee-Brobee's wandered around my mind, I thought, "What the hell happened? When did my life take this screeching u-turn from spring breaks, Tijuana, mindless mall shopping for endless clothes with my gay bestie... to getting excited to watch Dora's birthday bash with our air popped pop corn on the couch under my quilt Grandma knitted????"

Where did my 20's go? I hope I can find them because my 30's aren't far behind.

Maybe I will have to flash Yo Gagga Gabba my boobies to liven things up a little? Bob won't mind.


  1. So so so many things I could say....

    but I'll leave it at this

    For the sake of all the parents there, please DO flash Yo Gabba Gabba - and give them something entertaining and interesting at such a torturous event!!

  2. The only good thing about that obnoxious show is the weird but good messages for the kids, such as:
    "Don't bite your friends"
    "There's a party in my tummy and green beans want to be invited"
    "Outside voice is big and loud, but inside voice is quiet"

    Ok, it's official. I NEED to get out more! Girls night is in order...STAT!

  3. yooooooooooooo gabbbbbba .... which show you going to? yup, we're going to the 3 pm. ..... we have a motorized antenna that could be yours ... didn't realize you had no cable??