Friday, September 24, 2010

Alone is not only ok, but fantastic.

I saw this video on Girls Gone Child and had been rewatching and assimilating for days when my wonderful friends, Danielle reposted it, which signaled me that I needed to absorb it. Within the same time frame, I had a conversation with C about the exact topic discussed in the poem: the ability of humans to be alone. To be alone and be ok with it. To be alone and be ok with it and enjoy it.

I also was involved in a quick Twitter conversation where a few moms were going back and forth regarding your children being out of the house for a few days and how it makes us feel/react. I am on the side of the fence where, when my girls are gone, I am content, serene, calm, happy. And, no, that is not to say I do not love and adore them to the core... it's just that, considering the over 8000 hours per year I spend with at least one child, 12 hours to myself every few months is not only savored, but deserved.

I just believe that humans need time for themselves to grow. I find that people who can not be alone lose themselves. They become who they need to be for those around them, and neglect their own being. How (and when) can you possibly reconcile your thoughts, actions, aspirations, etc... with a baby screaming at you or a boss or a significant other?

Do you need time to breathe, sigh, dance, eat peanut butter with your finger from the jar, smile for no reason... just be... alone?


  1. I cherish every moment I get to spend alone and try not to feel guilty about it. I cannot take care of others until I take care of myself. Thanks for the reminder that it is OK!

  2. What a lovely post! I love being alone as much as I love company. I spent all week ALONE in Miami. I took myself out for breakfast everyday and out to dinner at night...yes, alone. I took myself to the beach and swam in the ocean alone..and I also took myself sea kayaking all alone. I loved every silent minute of it.

  3. Every me-alone-moment I get is very much special because it helps me to shape my whole being and reconcile with my inner strength. It helps me to be refreshed and invigorated to do my tasks and responsibilities again. Thanks for posting this one. It made me smile today.:-)