Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Shirt Upcycling

As promised yesterday, I have more sewing craftiness to share. I have a large pile of clothes in my bedroom that I have to either repurpose or simply give to Goodwill. And I started tackling the pile this week. One of my inspirations came when I saw my friend Danielle in a cute shirt that was a handmade tank top with a large band that goes across the bosom. Her and I looked carefully at it, figuring out measurements and ideas of how to put it together.

So then I took this vintage pillowcase: into this tank: I used this tutorial, although I made my band across the top much wider. These tank tops are so great since they flow free towards the bottom, which is nice when you don't have the belly of a 19 year old girl any longer.

That one worked out so well, I moved on to another short that I needed to alter: I like this shirt, but you see where there are 2 convenient spot where your tomatoes should fit? Well, my torso is so long that this type if shirt never fits right and the bustline will rest somewhere 2 inches above where it should. Subsequently, I have never worn this shirt and it needed a rescue. I took that same tutorial, but just cut the bust area off the existing shirt and replaced it with a wide band of fabric. And, voila:

And, what sort of New Englander would I be if I didn't craft my girls some fan wear?

Go, Red Sox!!!


  1. These are great!! I LOVE that shirt - I will have to try to make one for myself - wonder if I can just add extra fabric and length and make it maternity :)

  2. oh they came out so cute! love them ... what a good job! i gotta get busy ... need to make some little dresses for josie too ... love the old t's idea!