Friday, July 23, 2010

Eyes of an Angel

See that smile, those cherub cheeks, those beautiful eyes? She is my beautiful baby cousin, Angelyn... and she is fighting a huge battle right now. She is fighting with a rare form of ovarian cancer that has struck only 100 people in the past 10 years. And, like most cancer scenarios, it came upon my family quickly and without warning.

I had the pleasure of spending the 4th of July with Angelyn, as she was in between treatments. As you can see from the photo, she enjoyed her day to the utmost, playing with all her cousins, eating popsicles, splashing in the pool... even driving the ATV around the property. And, most importantly, she just smiled. She has the biggest smile you have ever seen in a little girl. It is her smile that gets her father through... and her brother... and her grandmother and grandfather... and all of the rest of us who love her. She is so brave, so sweet, so innocent.

And now, we need to support her. I am doing a walk on July 31st to help raise funds for her. Her father is a single father, as her mother has stepped out of the picture, and he had to give up his job to care for Angelyn and her brother during these trying times.

You will notice a new button on the side of my blog with her beautiful face- if you could just click there and donate even one dollar, my family will be so very thankful. And I, for one, will love you just a little bit more for opening your heart.

Thank you very much for keeping her in your hearts, thoughts, prayers... she is truly an angel.


  1. Hey, I want to give a donation but I also want the matching gift program at my work to match it. To do that, it has to be in their database. Do you have the website of the walk itself? Email me if you do. If not, I still want to donate, but I would just love it to be doubled if it can!

  2. Wow! Wish I lived closer-I would offer up one of my Hearts Full sessions to this lovely child! Prayers are coming, though.