Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mars and Venus in the Ghetto

Our family of 5 made the trek to Rhode Island over the weekend to have family photos taken. Neither Colby nor myself spend much time in Rhode Island, so when we were in Providence with some time to spare before the shoot, we really didn't know where to go. We decided to just drive around and explore for a few minutes and, much to our surprise, found a large sprawl of ghetto. Who knew there was ghetto in Rhode Island... or who knew there was so much of it... or maybe we were just driving in circles in one small neighborhood...who knows?

It was smack dab in the middle of this neighborhood that Ariana lied to me. That is the one offense that I can not deal with. I told her immediately to tell me the truth or we would pull over immediately and put her in time out.

This is when Colby jumped in, "Uhhh, we are in the middle of the ghetto, I am not pulling over here." Let me interject here that my husband is Captain I-will-not-give-consequences-and-if-I-do-I-will-not-follow-through-with-them.

"We have to follow through with consequences or she will never learn," I whispered. "Ariana, are you going to tell me the truth?"

No answer. I looked at Colby and he abruptly pulled the truck over. I jumped out of one door, Ariana another and she dutifully went to the front of the truck and sat on the curb. She served her time as I stood next to her and then we piled back into the truck.

As we pulled away, my loving husband whispered, "If you ever make me pull over in the 'hood again with a truck full of kids, I am saving the girls and leaving your cute little ass here between the curbside vacuum repair and the motley crew hanging on their stoop... those guys would have a field day with you."

Ok, maybe we can find a parenting compromise between my ghetto timeouts and his idea of executing her grounding for that particular lying offense while I was at work:


  1. Wow...that picture makes me wish I lied at your house...that is my type of grounding!!

  2. Bah, the ghetto is good for kids. Mine at least. I tell him all sorts of (true) horror stories when we are in the ghetto. About how people are forced to live, especially the little kids with no electricity or running water or a lot of toys and clothes.

    It especially comes in handy when it's time to go through his clothes and toys because he knows where they are going and he's glad to help "the kids in the broken down houses".

    So see, you were doing the exact right thing!

    According to my wacky parenting, at least

  3. haha too funny, i teach 4th grade in a Providence, RI ghetto; small world

  4. Good for you for following through.

    And, boy, that "grounding" looks tough!

  5. Providence is one of the poorest cities in the country. In fact, the only affluent areas are the downtown and eastside(only parts) neighborhoods.

  6. This also applies to Pawtuket, Woonsocket and Central Falls. Typical urban decay and poverty found in many ageing eastern seaboard cities.