Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The grass is always greener...

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you will remember back in April when I had the pleasure of having these guys at my house:

We were finally the last people on the block to pave our driveway. And if you have never lived with a gravel driveway- you have no idea how excited we were to get pavement. Unfortunaelty, that is not an instantanious makeover... there are many large vehicles invading your lawn which is still very soft from spring rains, there are areas which were previously used as parking which now need to be converted to lawn, areas that were garden that will no longer be, areas that now need to be garden... etc...
We also decided to have them put in a proper walkway to our front door. Imagine that. A walkway so that people might actually go to our front door and not the side door. If you are not from New England, you may not be familiar with the habit of Northerners using side and back door while completely ignoring the front entrance... but it drives me nuts. Sorry... tangent there.

And so we had our nice, smooth, clean new driveway.

And then the past 6 weeks of smoothing the ruts, laying top soil, spreading seed, putting down top cover, watering, watering more, watering some more... and this is the end result:

I am very excited to have these results. We have a ton of huge trees on out property and it is typiclly hard to grow grass in all that shade, but we tried a new grass seed and I love it! It's Scotts EZ Seed and it sprouted within 3 or 4 days... awesome. (No, this is not a paid ad, I wish it were since the freakin' seed is $50 a bag!!!) But really, isn't this gorgeous grass:

Phew... one project down for the summer and about 8,000 more to go. Just wait until you see my new shabby chic garden and potting table I am working on.


  1. Looks FABULOUS! I do miss the green grass all summer long in New England. Hope I can knock on your FRONT door soon.

  2. It looks great!! It is funny that you mention the side door! We have not used the door that is supposed to be the front door EVER!! Our driveway is right in front of our breezeway door so we always use that one. i almost want to drywall over the front door and turn that space it uses into a closet! Ha!

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  6. It looks great! My mom has lived on a dirt road with a gravel driveway for over 20 years... I personally love it. But I bet it feels super good to see the improvements happen.

    We were the first in our (my mom's) neighborhood to get electricity.

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