Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Design on a Dime, Project 11: Shabby Chic Garden

It took a few weeks, but I turned this

into this: In the first photo- I built my raised garden over my original garden area (which never successfully grew.) As you can see the raised garden has done very well so I decided to build a second before it became too late in the season. And with two, it left an open area between them which was weedy and exposing the underbrush behind.

Shabby chic gardening to the rescue (heavy on the shabby.) We inherited a variety of wood and junk in the shed when we purchased this house. We also have plenty of our own wood from old projects- so all I had to do was gather some supplies and build myself a cute sitting area.

The 2 raised beds were built from old landscaping timbers. The back of the garden is bordered by a huge beam you cannot see (I think t was 12'x6"x8") I found that on the side of my shed, a little deteriorated, but good enough to hold the mulch in. The potting table was built from an old trellis, some 2"x4"s, a 4"x4" and some decking left over from Colby's horseshoe pit project. I built a very simple table with it, whitewashed it with a little white paint mixed 1 part to 4 parts water... and voila: simple potting table.

The table in the middle is the base of an old fire pit bowl with some old 1"x4"s secured as a table. I added some new stain to protect it from the weather and now a place to set my coffee when I sit in the garden.

The 2 trellis' in the back have been hanging around for a few years- finally put to a good use.

The decorations are mostly acquired from Goodwill: 2 birdhouses at 99¢ each, 3 rustic stars at 99¢ each, the 'Welcome to my Garden' rustic sign was 99¢, the mug on the table was 99¢... and when I saw it at Goodwill:
I knew it was meant to be as I was planning on doing this bird feeder project and then I saw the exact mug at Goodwill! What are the chances??? (No, I have not completed that project yet... but it's on the list.)

I took some Bell jars from my pantry and made some little candle holders: My parents found a spool of rusty wire in their barn that they gave to me and now I can make rustic projects like this one. I wrapped it around the Bell jar, attaching it to the trellis, put some sand and a candle in it. I also kept the tops on the jar to keep water out when I am not using them.

I painted a coffee ca from the recycle bin and filled it with sand to keep my gardening tools in. (This has to be put in the shed when it rains, to keep tools from rusting.) I also used the same paint for an old wood box to stick under the potting table to store some of my extra pots in.

Money spent:
2 bags mulch: approx. $7 (I also had 2 remaining from last year.)
14 stepping stones: $70
2 clearance chairs from Target: $36
2 rolls of edging to run around the garden: $34

Total spent:$147

Not too bad considering I love it and love to sit there with my coffee (Ok, or cold beer) and relax. It is one less area where I have to see all the under brush and viney mess that surrounds our property- and it is yielding some great vegetable plants so far.

What do you think, any suggestions?

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  1. I love it! I can't wait to sit there and have a cold beer or cup of coffee with you. It looks so relaxing.

  2. this is Wonderful. Really like everything about it, Kudos on a relaxing and fruitful spot :)

  3. That came out so cute!!! I think I need to try to make one of those tea cup bird feeders also!! And I love the mason jar candles!