Thursday, June 10, 2010

30 Activities for the Summer (AKA My Summer Bucket List)

Ok, this is the first time I am trying my hand at a writing prompt from Mama Kat. I love to read her blog and am always inspited by her Writer's Workshop, but never seem to get around to joining... but this weeks idea of "30 things you vow to do this summer" seemed perfect.

So, without further ado:

Pick strawberries in June, raspberries and blueberries later in the summer and apples in the fall.

Host a Wednesday Spaghetti or two (or ten!)

Start a journaling project with Ariana. I plan on picking her up from her last day of school and presenting her with a nice journal inscribed with some sweet words and the plan to spend our summer writing working towards creating a keepsake for her to look back on in later years for a good laugh or sense of wonder.

Visit our local Farmers' Market many times over. We are blessed to have an adjoining Artists' Market as well with a plethora of fine art, music and crafts. This well help me start my Christmas shopping nice and early this year.

Annika sees our local trolley at least once a day and begs to take a ride. Why haven't we? Maybe I can't afford the whole $1.25 it would cost to take myself, Annika and Acadia on it... or maybe I have been too scared to take two active little girls on my own. Whatever, we will make the trek this summer when Ariana gets out of school.

Take the girls to at least one outdoor music festival or concert.

Go to the library on a few rainy days.

Visit at least one museum. We are luck that our local art museum, the Currier, offers free admission on the second Saturday of the month!

Complete the beach, forest, park and urban photo scavenger hunts from Wee Life.

Have many lemonade stands with the profits going to the local SPCA (located 2 doors down from us.)

Many, many trips to Water Country Water Park (thank you, Grammie, for season passes!)

Have many backyard campouts by the fire, including the Great American Backyard Campout on June 26. S'mores and ghost stories required.

Take Annika's training wheels off and teach her to ride a bike.

Many picnics at various locales. Our favorite is at the locale creepy memorial.

Make the cake pops that I have seen all over the internet.

Brew a batch of yummy beer.

Make a music video with the girls and my new, fancy Flip HD. (Which will obviously be premiered right here.) This will be totally inspired by Ellen's Bathroom Concert Series.

Enjoy many games of basketball with Ariana with our rockin' new basketball hoop.

Make a pot or interesting object from hypertufa with the girls.

Per the recommendation of many friends, start utilizing Dropbox on my phone and laptop to secure my own files and those for my Etsy shop while I am on the go.

Complete some in progress craft projects. Namely: these star photo collages, some sort of freezer paper stencil project, and a fused plastic shopping bag project.

Perform at least one act of random kindness per week and utilizing Ariana's Boom Boom Cards that she got for Christmas.

Make the most amazing pesto ever once the basil in my garden matures... I can already taste it.

Make an obstacle course and invite friends over to play on it. We have a zip line, kiddie pool, basketball hoop, horseshoe pits... this could be very interesting.

Take the girls fishing at least once... well, Colby can cover this one.

Take a trek to Maine for our annual fairy house visit on Mackworth Island.

Also take a trip to Maine to visit Acadia National Park so that Acadia can see her namesake. Hiking, swimming, biking, boating... you name it, it's there in gorgeous, scenic Maine.

Create a photography bucket list and go on some photo-expeditions over the summer with the girls.

I'd like to experience at least half of the cheap or free family activities in New England this summer.

I am going to spend lot of quality time... alone! (Or with girlfriends.) I have concerts to go to, book clubs, dinner and/ or drinks, hikes... just enough to keep me sane after spending ALL day EVERY day with 3 kids!

Wow, this sounds like it is going to be a pretty kick ass summer.

Go see more interesting ideas at Mama Kat's place.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this list!! I need to make a list like this for us too!!!

    I think just about every single one of these will be on my list as well (well not the trolley, or Maine trips - but most of the others!!)

  2. I'm on a mission to check out some of these places and do some of these activities.
    Great list!

  3. Oh my gosh - you are a legit Wonder Woman if you do even half of these things. Great list and great idea.