Monday, May 3, 2010

BlogTrotting: Adventures in New Hampshire

I am being featured today on Blogtrotting- A Virtual Travel Blog. So welcome to anyone who is coming here to find out about central New Hampshire. I live in Penacook, New Hampshire, but sometimes you won't even find it on a map because it is an itty-bitty suburb of Concord, our state capital.

I can not say enough about my home. I mean, when this is your view when you take a walk... could I ever complain?

We live in 4 distinct seasons here.
Our springs are quite wet and, in recent years, have been marked by floods.

Summer either brings you to the ocean (which is about half an hour from us): But, since our ocean temps only average in the upper 50's for the summer, we are more likely going to swim in the abundant lakes, which offer water sports, hiking, fishing, boating...

Our autumn offers the most spectacular foliage colors that it brings thousands of people to the state every October.

Our winters are quite snowy, which is wonderful for skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating, ice fishing, ice climbing... and, of course, building snowmen.

Any person who does not love New Hampshire, can not possible love the great outdoors. We have so many gorgeous places to hike... We have 48 4000' mountains to explore, not to mention all of the other other gorgeous adventures.

One of my favorite things I have discovered since living here are the farms. We can do anything from pick strawberries... to apples... to pumpkins... to see farm petting zoos to hayrides or sleigh rides... You have never seen simple joy and fun until you have taken your children to a farm.

Although, NH does offer a metropolitan life, filled with concerts, sporting events, theaters, museums, etc... the part I enjoy most is floating down the river in a canoe... jumping from a rope swing... hiking to the dozens of waterfalls... running through a corn maze... attending a local fair or festival...

or just sitting and watching the sun set...

Wanna come for a visit????


  1. YAY! NH is gorgeous. I'm originally from central NY and have always loved visiting NH. We are currently discussing moving there. Your post is quite timely! :-) Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful state. I'm a four season gal, couldn't imagine living somewhere that doesn't have clearly defined summer, winter, spring and fall.

    I love the idea of taking my daughter to a farm like the ones you mentioned! I'll have to see if I can't find ones around Maryland.

    Thanks for the tour and for being a part of BlogTrotting! Great post!

  3. visiting from Blogtrotting!

    What a gorgeous part of the country. I would love to visit :)

  4. Yes I want to visit! It is beautiful and it must be so neat to live where there are four distinct seasons. Thanks for sharing!

  5. My family loves the outdoors! We have GOT to make New Hampshire a place to visit...your pictures look beautiful! Hiking is one of our favorite things to do; love it!

    Great tour!

  6. Yes, when am I invited?? I'll gladly come hiking with you. Ans I can see from your pics that I can do it with a baby strapped to me, so when do we go!?

  7. Pretty pictures...though I don't know I could live with that much snow!

  8. WOW, what a gorgeous place. That is definitely going on my list of places to visit. Thanks for sharing your beautiful state and your beautiful pictures with us.

  9. When would be good to come???? I LOVE AND MISS YOU, and it is most certianly my turn to come to you!!

  10. Great photos! Can I just say that your snowman looks so alive . . . seriously!

    I just checked out your Etsy shop. Love, love, love the blocks! I'll be back to shop and buy.

    Thanks for BlogTrotting!

  11. oooh, make me kinda wanna take a day trip to New Hampshire soon ;)

    love all the nature photography.

  12. Running by from Blogtrotting!!

    Love NH, my SIL is from Vermont and we would always travel thru NH to get there!

  13. Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

    Hey, we didn't get to see any of your crafts!!

  14. New Hampshire looks incredible.I have only really visited Portsmouth. Visiting from Blogtrotting!

  15. completely beautiful, and reminds me of growing up in the country in Kentucky --- except for all the snow!
    Wonderful post!