Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Roundup: Spring Cleaning

It has been a hectic week with no husband. And with no daycare, I didn't even get to go to work for a few hours to escape the insanity that is my 3 rambunctious girls. I have always said (even when I was the mother of one) that I do not understand how single parents do it. Especially if you do not have a large community of friends and family nearby to help. I mean, I have had five days of running around, packing up 3 kids to go to dance classes, open houses, grocery shopping, trips to the bank, trips to home improvement store, raking leaves, building a composter, building a garden, seeding the lawn, burning brush, building a rock wall, taking down a zip line, digging up the mail box and newspaper box (in preparation for our new paved driveway!); keeping up on meals, laundry, baths, housecleaning, bill paying... yada, yada, yada. And, then not even one moment of reprieve with 3 kids chanting, "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. Mommy." I couldn't make it as a single mom.

So, anyway... a few random tidbits:

Check out my sale on my photo blocks in honor of Earth Day and in time for Mother's Day. But, when the scrap paper is gone, so is the sale.

Don't forget about Lora, she is trying to do something wonderful: CLICK ON THIS POSTER and then when you get to Lora's blog CLICK ON IT AGAIN.

Check out this really cool clothing swap in Portsmouth on May 8th.
Check out this great article on me on Dandelion Lane. You should subscribe to them if you are a business woman- they have a ton of great articles and resources.

I have a date with Liz, Kameron and Ariana (not my daughter) on Saturday night. I am unduly excited to get together and do some crafts after this very long week. I have not met Ariana, but Liz and Kam are great so I am very anxious to see them and enjoy some laughs, crafts, snacks and adult conversation. Yeehaw for girls nights.


  1. divorced parents are able to "do it" in part because they are able to "catch up" on those days the other parent has the kids...otherwise we are left to manage the chaos as best we can

  2. I have no idea how single parents do it...I can't even imagine!

  3. You got a million more things that I would have gotten done, had I been alone for a week! I'm pretty sure the kids would have been fed and I'd have been lucky to brush my hair!

    Saturday was fun, even if we didn't get that much made. It's nice to have a girls night in every once in a while! We'll all have to carpool and come to you next time since you came such a long way! Oh, email me your address. You left your Jo-ann bag with your fabric and other stuff in it. I will mail it to ya!

    Oh, and thanks again for the blocks! They turned out so cute. I like that I have her birth info on them. Now I feel like I nee dto make some for Nate. He wouldn't stop asking me where his were!