Thursday, April 8, 2010

My new bracelet and sustained memories.

I just had to share my second crafty project of the day...

I have carried this bullet casing around for the last 16 years. It has moved from house to house, from purse to purse, from coat pocket to bathroom drawer... it is a reminder of a wonderful point in my life. One of those tokens you carry with you through life to remind you of your past, help you though your present and see you into your future.

But, it is a bullet casing, afterall, and I really wanted my little token in a more utilized form. I decided to make it into jewelry. I am by no means a jewelry maker, so this is another total hack... literally... I actually started with a hack saw. I am pretty sure most jewelry makers do not use hack saws, but I do.

So, with the hack saw, some jewelry glue, some craft supplies... I ended up with a cute bracelet that I can wear as a daily reminder... and I love it.

Yes, it might take a girl from Maine to fall in love with bullet casing jewelry.