Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do-Good Tuesday

Here is your chance to do 2 wonderful things with very limited effort... first off, if you have a blog- it is time to make it carbon neutral. Running a blog with 15,000 visitors per month can emit 8 pounds of carbon dioxide per year (think computers and servers). You can offset that for 50 years with the planting of one tree. You don't want to plant a tree? Well, the good folks over here will plant one for you if you do a little post like this one. What a quick an easy way to start celebrating for Earth Day.


Next up, one of my favorite ladies, Lora is trying to win a contest where she can get swag to give to disadvantaged babies in Philly (she is one of those amazing women who work in social services and deals with heartbreaking issues most of us would never want to imagine, let alone deal with). Click on over to her blog and then click on the 'Babies' poster on her side bar and she will get credit for your click through. It sounds like a lot, but truly, it will take you 30 seconds and give her an opportunity to do her "help me help you help them help us help those guys kind of thing."

CLICK ON THIS POSTER and then when you get to Lora's blog CLICK ON IT AGAIN.


  1. thank you thank you thank you!

    you are awesome!

    and I'm totally doing that tree thing, and will link to it when I start doing my Earth Day preaching. Er, posting!

  2. PS- I have family in Quincy, CA so that tree thing is very near and dear to me. So thank you once again.