Thursday, April 15, 2010

Digital Paper Ideas for the Crafty Minded

When I started making my photoblocks, I used standard scrapbook paper purchased at Michael's. And then one of my first customers, Stacey at Wild Hearts Photography, suggested going digital with the paper. Wow, that made so much more sense- I would have endless supplies of paper on my computer without having to make a 10 mile trip to the craft store with every order. It would also afford my customers the ability to see the selection of paper right online. And, bonus, it is way more cost effective.

Stacey introduced me to Terri over at Sassy Designs... and I have been hooked ever since. I have seriously purchased half of her inventory of digital papers (I mean, it is totally a business expense!) She has such a wide variety and they are of the highest quality and her creativity with her designs blows my mind.

Anyhow, I am bringing this up today because, in honor of tax day, she is having a half off sale for her entire online store! That means a 12 pack of digital paper for $2!!! (She also has other great design elements on sale.)

You might be asking, "What exactly do I do with those digital papers?" (I actually saw someone ask this on her Facebook page, which prompted this post.) Oh my goodness, are you kidding me??? The possibilities are endless!!!

Online you ca use them for digital scrapbooking, website backgrounds, headers...

For your business you can use them for your marketing materials: business cards, letterhead, pamphlets, brochures.

For the home you can use them for card/announcement design, regular scrapbooking design and an endless supply of craft projects. I have put just a few here to give you some ideas:

Of course, you can try your hand at photo blocks:

Or my butterfly wall art:

504 Main offers up this adorable tutorial for a bird I can not wait to try:

Making Memories
has a tutorial on an adorable paper banner for your nursery. You can also make these banners for birthday parties, weddings or showers or even as holiday decorations.

Savoring the Details has a great tutorial on making a personalized memory game for your kids:
And again, one of my favorite blogs, Trey and Lucy has this great photo project which combines 3 of my favorite craft ingredients- paper, photos and Mod Podge. I can not wait to get one of these stars so that I can make this project.

Terry's sale ends at 11:59 tonight, so you really should go check it out. But, beware, at $2 per pack, you will find yourself adding endlessly to your shopping cart. But it is ok. Because it is time to start celebrating Earth Day and digital paper is a great green option.

*I was in no way paid for or even asked to do this post. I just love her site so much and I think this sale is a great opportunity for other to fall in love with her.*

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  1. So you have to print them out on your printer right? Does the quality come out really well when you do that? I will have to hop on over and check her out. I am always in need of cute papers!