Thursday, April 8, 2010

Design on a Dime, Project 9: A Succulent Teacup Garden

I have a problem. It is Goodwill. I swear they are going to throw me into one of those Hoarders spirals. Every time I go in there, I come out with something I don't need... but they have so much cool stuff! I can't resist. One of my worst offenses was cute little tea cups. My local Goodwill has a large kitchenware section, so at every trip I can find at least one vintage/funky/retro/fun teacup (and, to make things worse, the only cost 99¢ How easy is it to justify 99¢???). The problem is... nobody in my house drinks coffee or tea by the teacup... we drink it by the vat. So, now I have collected 6 cute teacups with absolutely no use.

Which brings me to my Design on a Dime project. As spring cleaning is rearing it's ugly head, I decided I needed to find a use for these or give them back to Goodwill. I thought for awhile and came up with a succulent garden. This one is super simple. All I did was go to my local garden center and buy some succulent plants. Make sure to get them itty- bitty. You might not realize it while buying the plants, but the teacups are really small. I think the succulents I bought were only in 2" pots and they fit into the teacups perfectly. I bought 5 plants for $2 each (I was able to split one as it was bigger than I liked) and each cup was 99¢- so for $15.94, I ended up with this cute little garden.

Make sure to put a few rocks in the bottom of the teacup before you plant the succulent to prevent root rot. You will only need to water them maybe once a week since there is no drainage and you don't want to over-water. Succulents are easy and you can find such a huge variety, you can really design a look that suits you.

After further research, I realized that my unique little idea wasn't so unique. Leave it to the damn internet to ruin my visions of grandeur in believing I might have a unique idea. You can check out someone elses vision at Apartment Therapy here or if you are too lazy to make your own- you can actually buy them from Esty here. Enjoy!

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  1. I'm in loooove! And now realize I've been missing out on our local Goodwill...

  2. so so cute!! I wish I had places around here to do cute little projects like that!!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! I always wondered what I could do with my teacup collection. I'm totally stealing this one :)

  4. Awesome, this is a great idea for my herbs in my kitchen window. So loving this project. Thank you.