Thursday, April 29, 2010

Design on a Dime, Project 10: Crafty Children's Art Display

See this. Do you know what it is? It is my fridge. And do you see something wrong with this picture? With a wood front fridge, I have nowhere to put up all of those adorable pieces of art my 3 girls create. So, it all gathers here: tucked under my thermostat, which is not able to hold many more pieces of art at this point.

I needed a creative solution for little cost that does not take up a lot of space. We are blessed with walls full of 6' windows, which makes for a very bright house with very little wall space.

After redoing the girls' rooms, I ended up with one extra curtain rod. So I decided to put my extra hardware to work with my artwork dilemma. All it took was a drill, level and a screwdriver. (Unfortunately I had to purchase more of the hardware that hold the rod to the wall since I lost mine along the way.)

I found an open piece of wall that leads up my stairs, installed the hardware using the provided anchors as I could not find a stud. Make sure to use the level too unless you like the feel of living in a Shel Silverstein book.

I already had the cool round curtain hooks that my curtains previously, and those work great to hold the art:
However, I am going to get another package since I now see that I have enough room on the rod to stack a lot more wonderful art. Easy, cheap and quick.

To recap:
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  1. I love your kitchen! My next house will have the kitchen I dream of! That's a great idea to hang the art. My friend has a stainless fridge and magnets don't stick to the front. I will have to pass your idea along!

  2. very nifty and I love love love that you have a wooden front fridge.

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  4. Do you really want a magnetic fridge? Then it would end up looking like mine!

  5. what a cool idea! It turned out fabulous! :)