Friday, March 12, 2010

You are my sunshine...

I recently got two blog love awards from Liz and Katelyn. And since they were both shiny, happy awards, I thought I would combine them into one shiny happy post. I am so flattered to bring sunshine into both of these lovely ladies lives and they both return the favor daily.

What brings sunshine to my day? The list is endless, but I can share a few...

• Discovering new music. And then... listening to that song 400 times in one day because I just can not get enough of it.

• Little reminders like this:
Go to The Bright Side Project and download your own. Hang it somewhere where you might happen it across it during the day and let it remind you that Life IS Beautiful... enjoy it! You can also mail these as postcards to others to help remind them to breathe.

• Handcrafted clothes and accessories... for the girls and myself. I have definitely had fun with this recently with my scarf, bracelet and necklace from Etsy, my own handcrafted skirt, and some crafted clothes for the girls. (Speaking of that, check Katelyn out for a giveaway for an adorable handmade little girls dress. Or don't since I really want it!)

• Cool, vintage stuff. In particular, household items... even more particularly kitchen items. I think current style can be boring and homogenized- I like to mix it up. To me, it makes my home feel comfy cozy.

• The explosion of my Etsy shop for my photo blocks. Although I am spending a lot of evenings with glue in one hand and sand paper in the other, I love that I am bringing a smiles to household across the world. (I know, I have grandiose thoughts in my little head!) When my last client wrote and said, "OMG Michele, I just got my blocks.....HOLY SMOKES girl, they are awesome! Like I can't stop looking at them awesome. Thank you soooo much. You have quite a talent." I seriously beamed.

• Websites like Craftastophy and Accidental Dong, which are utterly mindless and useless but, nonetheless, bring a random smile to my face if I happen across them.

• And the obvious. Watch this video for the next minute and 40 seconds and you will see what brings the sunshine to my life all day every day... and the laughter and giggles and sugar and spice and everything nice....


  1. I definitely am smiling, that will keep me smiling at work tonight..

  2. You forgot....

    Jeff: He is awesome. Everytime I see him pop through my door, unannounced, I think; "wow! How awesome is this guy?! Whatever would I do if we had more normal friends? He truly helps us live the High Life each and every day."

  3. holy sh*t that was a funny video. Fortunately, they are going to be really smart they don't have to rely on that dance career.

  4. happy, sunshiny day to you then :)