Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Turning 29 Wasn't So Bad

Yesterday was a fine birthday, indeed. Although, I am not technically celebrating birthdays anymore... you can't tell kids this, they want a party for my birthday, for dad's birthday, for the cats birthday... you know- cake and all that. So I came home from work at 7am... to a clean house! Now that starts the day off wonderfully. Usually my first half hour home is cleaning up breakfast stuff and random messes from the evening before so that the girls have a clean palette on which to make new messes.

And I had beautiful cards from the whole family and gifts! My tattoo was my gift and I didn't expect more, but I got 2 beautiful Lodge cast iron pans! I have wanted cast iron pans forever and somehow Colby remembered this and bought me 2. I am quite excited to cook with them and get them all seasoned.

I also got a fantastic gift certificate for "A Day of Peace and Quiet." Meaning Colby is taking all 3 girls to his parents for a day and night! Did you see that? All three kids! I have not been alone in my house... um... ever. I can stay in bed all day, eat whatever crap I want, read magazines, sit in absolute silence. This is THE.BEST. PRESENT. EVER. Thank you so very much my dear husband. (Oh, and I am totally spending the whole day Friday cleaning so that I don't have to lift a finger on Saturday.)

Ariana and Annika also made dinner (breakfast for dinner: brinner) and cooked me a birthday cake:

And then I was serenaded with a piano rendition of Happy Birthday before I blew out my candles:

It was the first cake my girls have made me all by themselves- and it was yummy. Great job, ladies.

After that I had to take Acadia to get blood drawn... nothing says Happy Birthday like wrestling your 18 month old to have a needle stuck in her.

And then we topped the night off at the library to celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday.

It was a great day. I guess 29 isn't so bad after all.


  1. Yay! Happy birthday again! A day of peace and quiet really is the best present ever. When you have it, take full advantage!

  2. Happy birthday from the Villeneuve's

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  4. Happy birthday! I turned 30 last month and I was certain it would kill me, but I'm still here so I guess it didn't.

    Enjoy your day alone!

  5. Glad to hear you had a fun birthday and way to score with the cast iron (and peaceful day)! I have a few and adore them- actually, I just cooked dinner in my soup pot like one tonight.