Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New England Spring Fever

Spring fever is hitting a bit early this year. I mean it's only early March which, for us New Englanders, means we could easily get more snow any day. Fingers crossed- I really hope not. I have already started my spring preparations. If you are outside of the four season climate, you just have no idea what a hassle autumn and spring are here. No. Idea.

• Wash all of the winter coats, snow pants, gloves, hats, mittens, scarves, etc. and put in storage.
• Store all winter clothing (sweaters, flannel pj's, thermal underwear.) People who do not live here have no idea what a pain in the ass it is to have 2 full, separate wardrobes that have to be switched out every 6 months... for all five people in the house!
• Pull out spring/ summer wardrobes (skirts, bathing suits, t-shirts, etc.) wash them and arrange in closets, dressers.
• Put away snowmobile, snow blower, shovels, rock salt, etc.
• Take out patio furniture, hose, lawn mower, bikes, motorized kid toys, etc. Clean and air out.
• Take out grill (Yay!!!) Get cleaned and make sure propane tank is full or that you have charcoal on hand.
• If you have storm/winter windows or plastic covering windows- those need to be removed.
• We need to rearrange furniture because, as any good homeowner knows, you can have furniture covering heating vents or baseboards during the winter months. This means moving heavy furniture around twice per year to maximize heat circulation.
• If you are like some of my neighbors, it might be a good time to put Christmas decorations away... maybe...
• We have a lot of raking to do in the spring in New England. You have whatever leaves were left when the first snow came too soon, you have rocks and debris left from the plowman, you have limbs and branches broken from ice and snow.
• We have to wash all walls, windows, cupboards to remove the buildup of dust, soot, grime that was blown around from wood stove or baseboards.

This is just a small list of the crap we go through- check out the comprehensive checklist I posted last spring if you want an actual list to print out and work with.


  1. I am having major spring fever. I can't wait for summer actually. That's a lot of work...our change isn't that dramatic here. Mother Nature is teasing us already....last week it was 60 degrees, today is snowing with super strong wind gusts. BOO.

  2. As soon as I put the Winter stuff away, it will be freezing cold. It always is. For your sake, and for my other New England friends, I will wait a month or 2.

  3. Ah, yes. Spring cleaning... we're doing a lot of that here too. Mostly because we are moving, but I guess I would have done it anyway!

  4. We started a little last weekend moving all furniture to sweep and dust and got the grill out!

  5. Getting out the grill and deck furniture is my FAVORITE part!

  6. We have grilled all winter. So I do not need to take out the grill. However I still have one reindeer out, because he has been frozen in the ground. It is on my list for the weekend.

  7. Ha- I was just dusting down the entire house yesterday because of the woodstove dust. You list is certainly all the things I SHOULD *ahem* be doing right now!