Monday, March 15, 2010

I had to read through your inane comment and all I got was this stupid post.

Remember a few weeks back I posted about Sarah Palin. And I clearly started the post with "I never discuss politics." Because, I don't. For many reasons.

Cut to 2 weeks later and I get a ridiculous comment on that post. Anonymous, of course. Because what closed minded, short sighted person ever leaves their name when they leave a comment?

I probably have about 50 constant readers. And you all know that this blog is pretty fluffy. Not a whole lot of substance or in-depth discussions going on here... and that's how I like it. It's fun, silly, carefree- just how I want it.

So, apparently a reader sent Mr./Mrs. anonymous to my blog, telling them that, "there would be lots of stuff you'd like." And somehow the first thing they came upon was my measly 328 word post on Palin. You know, one of those, "Here's a fleeting though in my head today that I'll jot down," type of posts.

And, apparently, it really got this persons panties in a bunch. Why? Am I not allowed to think Sarah Palin has issues with public speaking? This person illustrated my point precisely that people have these allegiances to the point of hostility. These people are so tunnel visioned that they are going to read 1 post out of 500 that I have written on babies and TV shows
and tattoos and being naked... and decide who I am and what I am about.

So, dear readers, please don't send your right- winged, conservative tight-assed friends here. There is apparently nothing for them and I don't need their, "I don't have the balls to sign my name" comments.

Oh, and Anonymous, in mentioning Jimmy Carter as some sort of reference to modern politics, I was 4 years old when he left office, so you might want to step a few decades closer if you really want to blame me for having any sort of choice or influence on the " inept unqualified person who has held the office of President."

I knew I shouldn't have taught my mom how to comment!


  1. leave it to a Palin fan to start reading a blog beginning from something that was posted two weeks ago.

    That explains why this person thought that Carter could be included in current events

  2. I just love when that happens! Of course they never have the guts to put their identity. How many people do you know are so hateful taht they can do it to your face? Don't let it get you irritated. That person has to live being them, that seems punishment enough to me!

  3. I think that it is great the "right wing" is reading your blog. Maybe someday you can actually reach one of them and they will discover that people are more important then money and property.

  4. *grins* I love the controversy that Palin evokes. It never ceases to amaze me that republicans believe that democrats are behind all that is wrong with this world. I never discuss politics with friends or relatives....VERY dangerous territory!

  5. Wow, that comment was so incredibly ignorant, no wonder "Anonymous" didn't want to leave a name!

  6. There's always a wake when conflicting political views and ignorance collide! You comment regarding your Mom made me grin :)

  7. It's true, I did post anonymously, and I did so because I had a feeling anyone who'd post such vitriol about Sarah Palin would probably respond with the same vitriol to me. And frankly, I choose to keep my politics *out* of my blog and didn't want to invite you over to change that.

    So I'll leave you with this thought. Sarah Palin, who now holds no office and who you feel can't properly use the English language, used nothing more than her Facebook account to draw the President of the United States into a policy debate about health care reform. She posted her thoughts on Facebook and the leader of the free world felt the need to reply from the White House.

    And little old me posted a comment on your blog and now you've felt the need to respond with an entire post about me. Interesting, isn't it?