Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Daddies Say The Darndest Things (Open mouth- insert foot)

It's not only my children that say things that boggle my mind- my husband is a champ at that as well. Take this conversation he and I had last week:

Me: I entered Acadia into a contest for a photo shoot for some organic baby snacks.

Him: And?

Me: Oh, I haven't heard anything yet.

Him: Oh, well you really should have entered Annika... she definitely would have gotten it.

Me: What?!?!??

Him: Well you know she is so beautiful.

Me: Colby!

Him: I mean, Acadia is cute and all, but Annika has those eyes.

Me: Colby!

Him: What?

I am glad he doesn't save his inappropriate open-mouth-insert-foot comments for just me.


And then, during the Olympics, Michael J. Fox had a television promo.

Him: Wow, Michael J. Fox looks really awkward in that ad.

Me: Colby, he has Parkinson's disease.

Him: I know, but his mannerisms are just.. off.

Me: Colby! He has a degenerative disease that causes uncontrollable spasms.

Him: Come on, they could have had him do another take to try to do better.

Me: (Daggers shooting from my eyes.)

Him: Oh, never mind.

Me: Right. AND I am going to blog about this.


For the record, she is beautiful:

And she is beautiful as well:

And so is she:

All three are the sweetest little girls you could ask for with smiles that light up any room that they enter. We are blessed indeed.


  1. Colby's awesome. I assure you everything was said with a grander meaning beyond your comprehension.

  2. Wow! You forgot about the "That girl really seemed put off"

  3. I am seriously still giggling over those comments. That is hilarious.