Tuesday, March 9, 2010

19 Months and Growing

This is what 19 months looks like. Sweet, innocent, adorable. 19 months is 26 pounds and 34 1/2 inches (at least in this house, which seems to grow giant babies. That is 95 percentile in height and 75 in weight!)

She has just enough hair for piggy tails, but is also just old enough to saw "Ow.Ow!" when I try to put it into elastics.

She has outgrown most of her 18 month clothes, but is forced to wear her Huck Finn pants for a couple of more weeks until we get into shorts and skirts full time.

She loves to run and thinks she can jump- although her feet don't really leave the floor (but don't tell her that!)

She is a constant positive reinforcer. She will clap and cheer for whatever you do. It's pretty exciting to get undressed for the shower and have your audience giving uproarious approval.

What does 19 months sound like? Well, it sounds like she is really starting to get a lot of words all at once. Let me translate:

I la ooh: I love you. (My personal heart wrenching favorite which she is required to repeat at least 400 times a day if she expects me to feed, bathe, play with or change her.)

Ready: Ready (This was oddly one of her first words.)

Buttaw: Buttocks (As in, "Kiss my buttocks.")

Titty: This can be translating into Sissy, kitty or pretty... you just need to look towards the pointed finger.

Peez: Please. With a huge grin and empty sippy cup needing refill thrown in your face.

Yummy: Request for anything suitable for her to stuff in her face. Typically in someone else's hand or plate.

Buddy: Her pink blanket. Although all 3 of our girls have had blankies, she seems to be really attached and needs to have it whenever going to bed. If you put her to bed without it, she will stand in her crib yelling at you , "Buddy!"

She says the standard Mama, Dada, baby and pretty much any other word you say. It is fun to sit with her and have her repeat you. Like when you say, "Picklenoodles," she will say, "Pippynoonoos."

It is just a perfect stage. Still small enough to carry and hold and cuddle... yet starting to get her own little personality and able to just fill you up with her laughter and smiles.

19 months already. Where to the moments go?


  1. I love that stage too. It's the beginning of all the bests.

  2. I was looking at pictures of Nate the other day remembering how much I loved the year and a half stage! She is such a doll. We have to get them all together to play again soon! I still say we all need to go to Davis Farmland this summer!

  3. Yay! She is at such a fun stage right now! Bear just turned 20 mos and I agree that it such a wonderful season of personality filled, vocabulary building days. enjoy every second :)

  4. She is precious, I enjoyed my time with her and sister last week, loved hearing her new words for the first time.

  5. Happy 19 months! Toddlerhood is so much fun :) She's beautiful, I love her piggy tails!