Monday, February 8, 2010

Where babies come from...

I spent much of my day Sunday uploading home videos to my computer and creating DVD's. It was so fun to see the change of the girls through the years... and sometimes a little monotonous (really, Colby, 45 minutes of Ariana pushing around ice crates as she learns to ice skate???) One thing in particular made me giggle though- the birth videos of the 3 girls. They are all very similar. Here is the most recent, Acadia's: (go ahead, its only 16 seconds....)

You didn't think I was going to show you ooey, gooey ladies parts, did you? No, I did not allow any sort of camera around me for 'the moment' of arrival. You know it seems like a sweet idea, in theory, seeing that moment where you come into the world. But really? As the mom, I don't want to see that part of me in that manner and, as the child, would you want to see that part of your mom in that way??? And aside from that, what are you going to do with that footage... show friends? Show your kids friends?

Now, I am a woman that loves being pregnant and loves having babies, but I just don't need that particular couple of minutes of my anatomy forever digitized for all to see. This way- with the cute shot of me cut to a sweet crying baby, it just makes me forget the gore and want to have more babies... luckily, for Colby's sake, he has put an end to that in this household.

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  1. HA! That was the exact reason why I didn't press play until AFTER I read the rest of your comments. Sweet video clip, though. I wonder if I will enjoy being pregnant.