Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Social Media at Its Best

I have discovered a new found love for social media over the past couple of weeks. You know sometimes when you are behind the nagging mom in the grocery line or in the waiting room with cranky old man at the doctors office and you just want to turn to them and say, "Good God, would you smile already. Life is good, you only live once and you are wasting it whining and complaining and being a sour puss." That's what I want to say but, of course, would never dare.

So, when I encounter someone sweet, kind, upbeat and enjoying their moments... it makes me all warm and fuzzy. And that has happened to me 3 times over recently... but not in 'real life'. It has been via communication with strangers I have had throughout different social media outlets.

It all started with my Etsy site. A fantastic lady named Stacey from Wild Hearts Photography contacted me to buy blocks. As I perused her website, I was very impressed with her artistry, her vision, her "non-traditional portraiture" (I have a real disdain for big-box-store type photography). So I asked if I could pick her brain and get some feedback on my blocks. Not only did she oblige- she went above and beyond. I mean, here is a woman who has no vested interest in my success I am a stranger hundreds of miles away trying to get free professional advice... and she was wonderful! We went back and forth (over many extended emails) with her giving me great tips and advice, most of which I have absolutely used. And, although we only communicate through Twitter and email, I can just feel that she is a genuine, kind, sweet person. Truly. She offered up her gorgeous photos of the blocks she ordered for me to use on my Etsy site. Just a completely generous token (and if you'll notice her photos next to the ones I take myself for Etsy... having a pro do your Etsy photos makes a HUGE difference!)

Which bring me to the second wonderful lady that I have been introduced to and that is Terry from Sassy Designs. Stacey suggested that I go with digital scrapbook paper. (Note to my crafty friends: digital scrapbook paper is the way to go! No more tubs of paper scraps or runs to Michaels and, at $3.99 for a 12 sheet pack... it's cheaper!)

But I digress.

Before I even had the chance to order paper from Terry, she was contacting me. She also shared some great ideas and posted about my shop multiple times on her Facebook page. With her fans, she took me from 10-15 visits a day to 80-100! And 40 people favorited my Etsy shop after her very first Facebook post. Oh, and not to mention the orders that I have taken in directly because of her publicity. But, again, she wasn't asking for anything in return. Just another genuine gal ready to help another woman succeed.

The third woman is Shannon from The Maternal Lens, which is my most favorite photoblog which features the sweetest, most touching photos a camera can capture. But, I will save my accolades for her for another post before this gets too long and you all stop reading it.

So, I am starting a movement. A movement where I only patronize/ associate with/ subscribe to/ get services from nice people. Plain and simple. Kind people. Anyone want to join me? You can start with these 2 ladies. Go check out Wild Heart Photography and Designs. Stacey is not only a phenomenal photographer, she offers some great digital designs (soon to be featured on my blocks.) And absolutely go visit Sassy Designs website and fan her on her Facebook page as I hear she might have a great custom photo block giveaway coming up.

Do you have any kind people I need to be introduced to?


  1. This is how I felt about you when you were helping me with my blog. You are one of those women too :) I will join you! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awww! You are so sweet, Michele! Thanks for all of your kind words. I hope this idea spreads-it feels so good to connect with nice people. The blocks truly speak for themselves, though-great product! I love them!

  3. That is so wonderful!! I love that there are so many amazing people out there that just want to help others be successful as well!! I am so happy for you that you are finding such success in this!! (maybe someday I will get some photos to you and order blocks of my very own!!)

  4. I love this! There is something so amazing about finding good, kind people on the internet! BTW, I LOVE those blocks and plan on ordering some myself!