Thursday, February 18, 2010

Muffins in an Orange Peel

I don't know why I try to over think everything... but I do. Annika says, "I wanna make muffins tomorrow." I think, "Oh, fun... let's make this interesting." Followed by research, trip to the store, trip to the store again when I forget items the first time. And then I need to buy some extra utensil for bizarro project because I have never done this before and do not have necessary tools. And then it's 20 step process, 100 photos, 3 spills, 1 large mess... and Annika says, "Mom, can't we just make corn muffins? I just wanted corn muffins."

Well, whatever, I have lots of photos, yummy muffins, which equates to 1 tutorial, a few tweets and about 2000 extra calories consumed today.

Start with a couple of oranges and a pre-boxed muffin mix. I chose orange cranberry since that seemed like a good match with the orange peel.

Cut the oranges in half.

Scoop out the orange innards (or juice them, if you like fresh squeezed orange juice.)

Make the muffins per the instructions. Typically I wouldn't provide pictures on how to make pre-boxed muffins, but Annika fancied herself a Julia Childs and kept saying, "You need to take a picture of my pouring... and stirring.. and licking." So here you go:

Acadia wanted in on the action too:

Once you make the muffin mix, pour it into the orange peels:

Bake at the temperature that the box suggests for the recommended time and you will have some yummy muffins and a great smelling house. I only made 4 of the orange peel muffins and made the rest as mini muffins. Annika did not want me to take a picture of the mini muffin tin, she just wanted the muffins put into the oven already so she could eat up!


  1. Sounds like fun! I have a bunch of oranges this week, I'll have to try this :)

  2. I bet it smells great in your house!! Any time we make fish or curry we boil lemon and orange peels in water on the stove and it makes the place smell so much better. I will have to try to make these.

  3. Great idea - bet my kids would love to make these! Thanks.

  4. I followed a similar recipe once, it was cooking cakes in an orange skin in the fire. It would have been great if I hadn't burned the crap out of it. These look much more doable.

  5. what a fun idea to do with the orange "shell" it must smell delicious when you bake it! I use a juicer a lot, but you have to peel the skin of oranges due to the bitterness. I'm thinking I could peel them carefully and then make muffins- yum!