Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Motley Miscellany

I featured this photo on my Suburbanity photo blog. Yes, it really is the name of a residential road... where people live... and have to give their address to people... memorable, at least.

I really need to make these before winter is over.

Acadia said 'banana' today. Not 'manana'(which, coincidentally is what she calls he Nana as well). Damn it, I wish she would slow down with the milestones.

I adore vintage children's books. I wish we had a whole library for these.

I really do not like flash photography. Ever. It just look so unnatural and ruins the moment. Here's an idea...

5 things you are not looking for at Goodwill.

I am so jealous of my friends on the west coast right now.

Did you know that there are 5 states that allow for insurers to sell abortions riders on their health insurance? I was going to do a whole post on the lunacy of it all, but seriously? You can plan ahead to pay for a rider but not to use effective birth control? That's all.

I have a pet peeve. People who do not send (or have your children send) thank you notes. I think we are raising a society of rude little people by not having them say a simple 'thank you.' I would even take a phone call, email, message in a bottle. At least let me know you got my wedding gift and pretend you like my hand crocheted doilies. Right now I am using this adorable printable so that I don't even have to run to the store when we need a quick 'Merci'.

It's proven: U.S. Men Average 38 Minutes More Leisure Time Daily Than Women. Man, what I could do with 38 extra minutes per day!

I have been working on my organization recently. I have discovered Once a Month Mom's monthly meal plans to be a great idea and Simplemoms master weekly checklists, pocket docket (and other printable lists) to be indispensable (with a few of my own tweaks, or course).

On Valentine's Day... who would possibly want something tacky like this for $200, when you could get something perfect, personal and unique like this for $60? (or I would absolutely fawn over this and it's not even $40!) And, no, I did not get any tacky jewelry for V Day. My husband knows me better than that. Besides, all I wanted was more of this for Valentine's and my birthday:(Coming February 25th!)

And, just for the fun of it... music. I love some fantastic music that simply doesn't get the kudos it deserves. As I flip through the radio stations and I hear lyrics like, "My room is the G Spot. Call me Mr. Flinstone. I can make your bed rock" I just have to know... how the hell do they get radio play and this band doesn't?

If you haven't heard of 'Over the Rhine', they are exceptional musicians with beautiful lyrics; haunting yet alluring vocals coupled with fantastic percussion/violin/fiddle/etc. I really, really suggest that you give them a listen... unless, of course, you are more of a "Don't stop, you the bestest,and I just be coming off the top asbestos" type of gal.

Oh, and shameless plug, I just listed some new photo blocks.


  1. We made those exact single-serving pies. They were delicious!

  2. That post was very linky!! Ha! Who wouldn't love their own pie?? I would. You can send me one...I'll send you a Thank You note!!! I was just looking at those necklaces, not the cheesy one from Kay's but the pretty hand printed ones.

  3. I have 2 remarks about this post. First of all, I recently had a great experience at Goodwill in San Fran. I had left my sunglasses in the hotel and Eric was too hot in his long-sleeve shirt. 8 dollars later..I have my new favorite sunglasses and he is cooled off in his brand new north face organic cotton t-shirt! 2nd comment is that when I clicked on your tacky jewelry link I DIED LAUGHING! I always gag at those Kay necklaces!!! Too funny!

  4. Thanks for the link love to my picture taking post. Also, those little pies are fantastic. Will definitely have to try those.

    And also love that band. I've got them playing right now!