Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I can say this on my blog because you don't read it...

Dear Mom at my four-year-old's dance class: I really do not want to see your string thong when you bend over and you are damn lucky I didn't take a picture and put it here on my blog.

Dear Acadia: Please stop pooping in the tub every time I let you shower with me. I know you are ridiculously adorable... your poop is not.

Dear Lady who vomited in your dinner at the restaurant: You just might have a drinking problem.

Dear Punxsutawney Phil: You are officially on my shit list. I really needed you on this one and you let me down yet again.

Dear Husband: Seriously, you are dangerously close to that trade-in. Although the new faucet is gorgeous, four days is an eternity without a kitchen sink.

Dear bloggers who recount reality shows minute by minute: Really, was it that interesting? Does anyone care enough to read your rehashing, and if they do care enough, didn't they watch said reality show themselves????

Dear 4am: Why must you come so early every day? Could you hold off another hour or 2 for me?

Dear LT Creates Jewelry: Your jewelry is simple and fantastic and I love you... and your silver spoon rings.


  1. you might have a drinking problem if you throw up on your table at dinner, you may have PROBLEMS when your husband makes fun of you as soon as you leave the bar and proceeds to flirt and kiss the cute chick who only peed her pants at the bar....

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I do NOT get the whole blogging about what everyone just watched thing!! I can't stand most of those shows as it is - but really is there a need to blog about it?! The amazing part is people flock to those blogs, even though, as you said, they all already watched it!!!

    ok....rant over....thanks for giving me something to rant about...I needed that!!

  3. I am STILL waiting for my new dishwasher to get hooked up, but at least my sink is again functioning. My husband has a lot of talents, but even just getting his cousin-the-electrician's ass over here in a timely manner is not one of them.

  4. What's worse is when they are tweeting about it every 5 seconds. Nate has never pooped in the tub, THANK GOD. He does think peeing in there as sson as I put him in is very funny though.

  5. This may be one of my favorite posts. Sometimes people are just crazy - thanks for sharing!

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