Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Design on a Dime: Projects 5, 6 and 7

Remember Project 4, which was Acadia's bedroom slash the guest room... it turned out like this:

It turned out ok so far- but the circles on the wall were a little lackluster to fill that area, we needed a bedside lamp and the pillows were... blah. So one trip to Goodwill, one trip to Michaels and Joanns, and I came up with this:

First, the pillows. I found 2 green striped pillow covers at Goodwill for 99¢ each which I then used on 2 hideous pillows that I had stored away. I then saw this remnant at Joanns for 87¢: Sewed it up in about 3 minutes, tore apart another hideous pillow to steal the stuffing and came up with: The best part? Not a stitch of pink and it was 87¢. It will do to add a little something to the bed.

And then... the lamp. I found a $3 lamp and $3 lampshade at Goodwill. The lamp was ok as is... but I figured if I added a little color, it would look fun with the zebra print lampshade to jazz up the room (yeah, I did, I said jazz.) The only issue? I only have 1 can of spraypaint... and it is Pepto Bismol pink. Oh well, I can not possibly justify buying a can of that caustic chemical for 10 square inches of color. I will just paint it the pink for now and see if I ever have a need to buy a better paint color. I taped it off: sprayed aforementioned Pepto and here you go: I know... gross pink... Wait! I have Photoshop. Let's pretend it's not... Come on... six bucks, it's cute, right? But WAIT! The best ever part? When I plugged it in I figured out it was a TOUCH LAMP! How fun is that? So fun, in fact, that the girls have spent A LOT of time rubbing the magic lamp. I haven't seen a touch lamp since 1992 when my parents had the lovely brass and glass version requisite of every 80's household.

And the last update was adding some custom matted photo frames with photos of the girls. I did a quick tutorial on that for a later date, but I think they add something to the bubble wall. Alright, another $8.85 added to the design budget- still no too bad.


  1. I think you should come over and help me with Arielle's room! I sit staring at the walls trying to figure out where to put everything and I'm drawing a blank! Maybe it's the head cold...it's clouding my judgement. :o) When I get my shelf, I feel it will magically come together!

  2. Dang! I swear I'm in awe. I always thought decorating must be a very expensive "hobby." But now I'm all jazzed to try it myself. (I said jazzed, too!)

  3. I so envy your decorating and craft skills! This is adorable and I think the pink looks fine!
    And why did touch lamps lose steam? It's so...EASY!

  4. Hi! I just ran across your blog, and was enjoying your crafty ideas. I live in Maine and have a daughter named Acadia too. She is eleven and we also call her Cadia or Cadi sometimes. I rarely hear of anyone else with that name, although we ran into someone with a little girl at sand beach once. Wonder if it was you?

  5. Hi! I just Stumbled upon your blog. You have amazing ideas and I love the almost free, thrift shop supplies. That creates a unique look and is affordable on just about any budget. Thanks for the tutorial to jazz up ( I said jazz, too) old matting and frames. I love shopping the thrift shops and recently found a solid oak side table for $3. I actually got it for $2.25 as it was seniors day and I had lots of grey showing! I will take pics during the refinishing project so I can post them too.