Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cactus Terrarium Tutorial

If you remember before Christmas, I had mentioned I was going to make the girls fairy house terrariums from Santa. Well, I did do that, albeit at about 1am on Christmas Eve... uhhh, such a procrastinator. But they came out great:
And, now I am an expert on terrariums, so your tutorial begins here. These are your supplies: You need gravel or rocks(I bought mine at a craft store for $3), sheet moss (also from the craft store for $2-$3), activated charcoal (purchased in the pet store aquarium aisle for $6), soil and sand (I had this on hand), an open, wide mouthed glass container (Goodwill $1), and I had to use some cute figurines for mine which I got for a steal from a great website called Miniature Gardens. Of course my girls love fairies so I got some of those, a gnome for Ariana, some great doors, tiny lady bugs, frogs and butterflies. I could have gotten a ton of stuff from there, but I kept it to 3 terrariums.
Now, I am telling you how to make a cactus terrarium- there is a difference between these and a moss terrarium. With a moss terrarium, you can keep it moist and keep it covered. The cactus terrariums need to be kept fairly dry and do not need a lid. We clearly went with the cactus version since it is wayyy easier to maintain. Moving on...

Wash your container very well first. You then want to mix 2 parts dirt to one part sand (again, this is only for cacti, not regular house plants.)
From there you want to add 2 inches of rocks to the container.
Then add 1/4 inch of the charcoal, this will keep down odor and filter the water.
Now add 3 or 4 inches of your dirt/ sand mix.
Add your cacti in a pleasing visual arrangement.
Add your figurines and then voila:
You will notice that I did not use the sheet moss. The moss works well in a regular terrarium as the moisture will keep it green and fresh. In the cactus terrarium, it will brown and add more of a tumbleweed feel, which I did with the other 2 and it looks great. I just decided to try this one without. So, you can do it, right? Pretty easy... right, Nap Mom?


  1. Terrariums make me SQUEEE!! I don't have any yet so thanks for making it look so easy!

  2. You did it! Loved the tutorial... and all of the cute accessories. Part of my procrastination has been finding the time to go to the store and find "terrarium plants." A cactus terrarium would be just great... way less maintenance too.

    Thanks so much!

  3. You're so cute, "add your cati in a pleasing visual arrangement". :o) Those are super cute!

  4. GREAT tutorial!! I love the whimsy you've added with the figurines as well. I've added this to my "Terrarium Tutorials & Inspiration" post today. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks so much, just what I was looking for! I have several adorable small cacti and succulents, and have wanted to make my own terrarium. Now I'm ready to get going.

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