Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beware: The post where I discuss politics.

This post is totally out of sorts for me. Something I never talk about... ever... to anyone. Not my mom, not my husband, not coworkers or friends.


I never discuss politics because, well, its politics. And, like any discussion with 2 opposing opinions that I have with my 4 year old, there is never a good ending. People are very allegiant to their chosen political party and I really think all politicians are politicians for a reason... not Peace Corp volunteers or researchers for cancer cures or kindergarten teachers.

So... Sarah Palin. I am completely bewildered by this train wreck. How the hell did she come within a sneeze of being the vice president of our country yet she has less capacity to make a cohesive sentence than my 9 year old? And even after we have seen her many, many failed attempts at constructing a quasi intelligent public persona, people still find her a viable option for some sort of public office. I am not sure exactly how astute she is, but she truly has trouble conveying it.

And, it's embarrassing. Not that she makes women look bad, she makes Americans look bad. I get that awful pang in my heart for her whenever I see her speak. You know, when you see a coworker with their fly down approaching the CEO of the company, but you are not the type who can broach the topic with people, so you let them go and then internalize their humiliation as your own because you feel guilty for not preventing it? That type of embarrassing.

How do hoards of people not see this? I blame it on that allegiance. That allegiance will force Republicans to continue to stand behind this atrocity of the English language because, really, how would it look if they turned on her now after almost letting her become the second in command of our entire country?

Ugghh- this is why I don't discuss politics.


  1. Lol, I don't like her either :)

    I left you a bloggy award ;)

  2. Hear, hear Michele!

    I discussed politics with my very conservative, Sarah Palin-loving SIL during the election and it went very, very badly. I would love to ask her these questions and get some answers for you, but I'm afraid. I don't get it either.

    Ugghhh is right!

  3. I was raised right-wing evangelical. I went to a Rush Limbaugh rally and even had a book signed by Dan Quayle. So, no surprise, my family of origin are Palin conservatives. I think you already know that I am now a lefty. I do have one friend, really just an acquaintance who I chat with on Facebook, who is a non-Palin conservative. She and I can talk politics all day long because she's smart and she refuses to buy into the hate-rants of Rush or O'Reilly or the idiocy of Palin and Beck. If there were more conservatives like my friend, we could really get somewhere in this country.

  4. I felt the same way about George W Bush!! He made us look like a nation of idiots. My problem with politics is that people stick to their allegiance instead of going with the person who is best suited for the job. I hesitate to label myself Republican or Democrat because I feel it pigeon-holes me into picking one side or the other! I believe what I believe and stand on certain principles, not stand behind candidates just because of their party affiliation. So, I'm with you. I don't know how that woman got as far as she did, but I can say I think she is a big part of why they lost!!

  5. I totally agree. The woman has no substance. She never said anything worth saying and had no knowledge or real experience to back up the position she was almost put in.
    Republican or Democrat, I am also baffled that someone whose biggest claim to fame is a joke about lipstick or a quote about Joe Six-pack was a heartbeat away from the White House.

  6. You must be french. Only french people can "see" people speak.
    Does she speak with her hands?

  7. Oh don't get me going on Palin. There are so many things I just don't *get* about her. First and foremost? She has a teenage daughter who is a mother. Don't get me wrong, this stuff happens, I myself, am a teenage mother (okay, so I was, but now both myself and my daughter are older, heck she's almost a teen) so I GET that even if you take precautions, have the education, it can all fall to crap in a heartbeat. BUT as a mother of a daughter you can bet your sweet rear end I'll be talking to my daughter until I'm blue in the face about birth control. Sure, abstinence is clearly the only sure fire way to not get pregnant, but kids are stupid so at least educate them about the options. (I myself was on the pill. Turns out that an antibiotics are a no no.)

    But knowing that your teenage daughter is expecting and KNOWING that will come out on a NATIONAL level? And still running?

    And she never finishes a job she starts, it seems. She left her job as Governor to what? work at Fox News? Go on a book tour? These things couldn't wait the rest of her term?

    I'm very much left, but I have many friends that are Republicans, all of which want to hide when Palin opens her mouth. The woman is bad news.

  8. I have a very good friend who is over the moon about her. I asked her why she likes her so much. The answer "She's just so REAL. Like someone I know. She makes me feel smart. I can really relate to her."

    I don't want my leaders to make me feel smart. I don't want my leaders to remind me of my neighbor. I can't stand my fucking neighbors.

  9. It will really be a gift that keeps on giving if she runs.
    As a big fat liberal, I would like nothing more.

  10. See and on my blog I would talk about the democrats allegiance to the biggest train wreck I've ever seen in office ... I would be speaking of the most inept unqualified person who has held the office of President, Obama ... and that is a category that includes Carter ...

    You see Palin this way because of your allegiances ... just like you claim it is my allegiance that has me see Palin in a positive light ...

    And for the teen mom who thinks talking about birth control till you are blue in the face will keep your child from becoming a teen mom herself ... good luck with that ... because in my experience talking to teens about sex and birth control is what they want to do most in the world and birth control never fails ...

    It is a shame this is the first post I came across on your blog ... because I heard there would be lots of stuff I like ...

  11. I agree with annonymous. Oh, and pertaining to Palin not having "knowledge or experience" look at the loser who actually DID get in a "position", the pathetically inept president. He's going to run this country into the ground and we may never recover from it. He'll spend your grandmother's savings as well as your child's and he'll do it before your child will have even had time to save it.

    He'll then spend it on something "miss teen mother", who's pretty disgustingly judgemental about something she obviously thinks she shouldn't even be judged for, might like, abortion rights, the gay agenda, the exploitation of illegal immigrants, and let's not forget all his little lobbiest friends and the unions. Obama loves them and they will continue to screw this country blind while this piece of cr@p president shoves their agandas down our throats until all we know the feeling of anymore is GAGGING.