Friday, January 1, 2010

You love me. You really love me.

The end of the year gave me a couple of ego boosts for my blog... and who doesn't love an ego boost!

First, I had the pleasure recently of having dinner with one of my besties: Isolde. It is a rare but wonderful event that I get to see her since I live on the east coast and she has moved to the west. She is one of the most intelligent, cultured, hilarious and intriguing women I have the pleasure of knowing. During dinner she filled my heart when she told me she loved my blog (she wrote me in an email later: " I really really LOVE your blog and I know I have told you that before. Don’t ever stop writing. You have a talent.") Believe me when I tell you I could not receive a higher compliment from a more authentic person. The fact that she takes a minute out of her hectic life to lend me a read is just plain flattering.

A woman who recently moved from London to New England left me a sweet comment telling me she "loved" my blog. (yup, she used the word "love", I swear.) Which is a compliment because I found, after reading her blog, she is a treat. I loved her recent post where she discovered one of Concord's hidden gems: our Inmate Creations store. (Yes, that is 'Inmate', as in it is located next to the prison!) She was a little confused as I guess in England they do not fully appreciate the artistic ability of the incarcerated. Perhaps she has never seen a hand drilled cribbage board or a nice deer (or moose) clock. Oh, yeah, these guys are far above and beyond license plates, baby. But, I digress, it is just great to see the back woods of New England through an outsiders eyes. Most of us are born and bred here, so our view is a little distorted.

Another blogger, from Lovely Living, mentioned me on her blog. She said "I liked reading her viewpoint on the ways she chooses to live a simple life..." Again, she has a fantastic blog that features... well... lovely things. I was so touched when an alert popped up in my email letting me know that A Yummy Mommy was mentioned on her site. How fun is that? When you know other random people have discovered you? I mean, not my mom or my husband (oh wait, he doesn't even read my blog.) But people from across the country or the world... feeding my ego.

Thank you everyone who is out in cyberspace stalking me... you all rock!


  1. That's fantastic!! I love feeling the blog love!! We put so much of ourselves into them, its nice to know that it is appreciated and even LOVED!!!

    That said I also really love your blog. You have such a fun mix of things to say - and I love your view point!!

  2. It is always lovely and uplifting to know people like what we have to say!

  3. awww......shucks. love you my michele!